‘Big Brother 23’: Who Placed Third for America’s Favorite Player? Tiffany Mitchell Reveals a Rumor

Big Brother fans have a couple of opportunities to show their love for houseguests. In season 23 they voted to give them BB Bucks to help their game. The season ended with multiple members of The Cookout winning. But only the top two for America’s Favorite Player were revealed. Who placed third? Tiffany Mitchell revealed who she heard got that third spot.

Tiffany Mitchell won America’s Favorite Player of ‘Big Brother 23’

'Big Brother 23' jury member Tiffany Mitchell
Finalists from the CBS series Big Brother 23 being interviewed on the CBS Radford Lot for Entertainment Tonight. Pictured: Tiffany Mitchell | Francis Specker/CBS/Getty Images

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Big Brother 23 ended with Xavier Prather winning and Derek Frazier being runner-up. There were many fans who wanted to acknowledge Tiffany for being entertaining and the person who came up with the master plan for The Cookout. They did that by campaigning for her to win America’s Favorite Player.

This year, fans had to vote by texting the name of their favorite houseguests. Previously, fans would vote online.

Julie Chen Moonves announced on finale night that Derek Xiao and Tiffany were the top two players for America’s Favorite Player. But in the end, Tiffany won $50,000.

“Thank you, America!” Tiffany shouted. “I love you guys.” Many fans were happy for her, but some are wondering who placed third.

Who placed third for America’s Favorite Player?

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The houseguests were already making their predictions on who would win before the season ended. Tiffany answered if she thought she’d be in the top three on Rob Has a Podcast

“Top three yes,” Tiffany said. “Definitely expected Derek. I so expected Derek that in the jury house I’m telling him ‘So when you win, I wanna watch or something.’ I’m like I really like Tiffany jewelry. We can go to the Tiffany store. You can buy me a Tiffany watch. Buy me something I’ll always have. I like something tangible.” 

Derek X also talked about going on a trip with her. Tiffany said she plans to send her fellow cast members something nice since she won. But some people are still wondering who placed third for America’s Favorite Player.

“I think I heard it was Hannah [Chaddha],” Tiffany said. “It wouldn’t surprise me.” It would make sense given many fans campaigned in support of Tiffany and Hannah because of all the work they put into The Cookout being successful. Sadly, it’s unconfirmed if that was truly the result of the votes.

The men of The Cookout worked together with Azah Awasum to take out Hannah and Tiffany. Some fans were angry about some of them also not giving them credit for their game. Kyland Young compared Hannah’s game to Derek Frazier, and there was a lot of debate on who made The Cookout. But the cast has since said they’re one big happy family and aren’t angry about how everyone played the game.

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