‘Big Brother 23’ Reveals The Cookout’s Duo Plan and the Cracks in the Group

Big Brother is getting closer to jury, and that means houseguests need to reflect on who would or wouldn’t vote for them. Tiffany Mitchell came up with a master plan for The Cookout, but the group also has some cracks.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for Big Brother 23 episode that aired on Aug 5!]

The Cookout is looking out for each other on ‘Big Brother 23’

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This season it didn’t take long for alliances and agreements to be made. Tiffany, Kyland Young, Derek Frazier, Azah Awasum, Xavier Prather agreed to never go after each other. This group called themselves The Cookout and later included Hannah Chaddha.

The group has managed to make it so far. They have stayed under the radar partially because of the team aspect of this season. The Cookout is spread out in the four teams.

There have been moments where this has gotten between them. Azah wanted to protect her fellow team member, Britini D’Angelo, while Xavier wanted to use her as a pawn. She even offered to go on the block instead. Xavier refused to put Azah on the block because this went against The Cookout’s agreement. He used Britini on the block anyway.

‘Big Brother 23’ reveals Tiffany’s duo plan for The Cookout

Tiffany Mitchell smiles and wears a white floral dress.
Tiffany Mitchell of ‘Big Brother 23’ | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

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The Aug. 5 episode showed the members of The Cookout scheming to make it to jury together. Tiffany came up with a plan to solve the problem of them alone not having the numbers.

“There is six of us straight down the middle. We each bring a pawn with us,” Tiffany said on the show. She explained that partnering up with someone outside The Cookout will take attention away from them. If the duo ends up on the block together, then The Cookout can evict the other houseguest.

The duos are Xavier, and Christian Birkenberger, Kyland and Sarah Beth Steagall, Tiffany and Claire Refuss, Azah and Britini, and Derek F doesn’t have anyone. It’s a smart plan, but the same episode also showed some of the weak spots in The Cookout.

The weak spots in The Cookout were revealed

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Sarah Beth fought really hard to get Hannah evicted. Tiffany talked about wanting to target her because of this. She also seemed to be annoyed with Kyland too because he’s so close to Sarah Beth. They had a small conversation about him not saying hi back to her.

Tiffany had another uncomfortable conversation with Azah. Azah said she doesn’t trust Hannah, while Tiffany tried to make it clear that she’s part of the six. Azah said she doesn’t trust her because they don’t talk game with each other. She then said in the diary room that she now knows she can’t trust Tiffany. 

It’s not surprising that Tiffany defended Hannah. It was revealed she made a final two deal with Hannah in the same episode. Fans will have to keep watching to see if the duo plan will actually work.