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The third houseguest to join the Big Brother 23 jury, Sarah Beth Steagall, reflected on her time in the house in a video posted to the show’s social media. She admitted she regretted not playing a more “independent” game and considers her “overall stupidity” her biggest regret.

Sarah Beth Steagall poses for 'Big Brother 23' cast photo
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguest, Sarah Beth Steagall | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

Sarah Beth Steagall backdoored Derek Xiao during Week 7

The Cookout agreed they would target Sarah Beth Steagall, who verbalized her intentions to go after member Hannah Chaddha during Week 6. However, Kyland Young won Head of Household to protect his “person.”

Sarah Beth then won the following week, unknowingly saving herself again. Not wanting the Chopping Block Roulette winner, who could save someone and spin a wheel that randomly chose the replacement, to thwart her week, she nominated Claire Rehfuss and Derek “Big D” Frazier.

According to Sarah Beth, she didn’t care if either went home and still wanted to leave room for a backdoor plan. Alyssa Lopez won the Roulette and saved Big D, inadvertently putting up her closest ally, Xavier Prather.

After he removed himself with the Power of Veto, she took the opportunity to backdoor social and physical threat Derek Xiao. 

She joined the jury the following week

Although she thought her move served her game best, Sarah Beth didn’t realize it primarily benefited The Cookout as they considered Derek X. the biggest risk to their mission.

She also didn’t recognize backdooring him would only result in her joining him in the jury the following week, mainly as the alliance used his eviction as reasoning to target her.

One of his closest allies, Tiffany Mitchell, won HOH and nominated Sarah Beth alongside Kyland. Her number one, Claire, won the Coin of Destiny, allowing her to override the previous nominations.

However, she kept them the same. Hannah, another close ally of Derek X., won Power of Veto and opted to save Xavier, who sat on the block as a third nominee. Although Sarah Beth put up an effective campaign, The Cookout stood firm, making her the third jury member.

Sarah Beth regrets her ‘overall stupidity’ and dependence on others

Following the next week’s double eviction, the Big Brother social media accounts posted a video of Sarah Beth answering questions from the jury house. When asked her biggest regret, the evicted houseguest admitted her “overall stupidity.”

As she didn’t elaborate on her answer, her reasoning for why she felt dumb remains unclear. Answering another question, Sarah Beth admitted she didn’t understand why people wanted her out over Kyland but now does as she has more information, likely related to The Cookout.

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She also could’ve regretted her decision to go after Derek X., now realizing he was a target for the six-person alliance. Additionally, Sarah Beth mentioned she wished she would have been “more independent” and a “critical thinker.”

Throughout her video, she brought up missing Azah Awasum and Big D but didn’t say anything about Kyland, even though he was her closest ally in the house. Therefore, she could feel dumb or bitter that she served as Kyland’s designated “pawn.” Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7 Central on CBS.