‘Big Brother 23’ Spoiler: Who Is the HOH Following the First Double Eviction?

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 23 double eviction results.]

Following the Cookout successfully making it to the final six, the game is now individual. They’ve already started making sub-alliances and pacts to secure their spot at the end. After the season’s first double eviction, the dominating alliance battled for power in another Head of Household competition. Who won?

Azah Awasum and Derek Frazier pose for 'Big Brother 23' cast photos
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguest, Azah Awasum and Derek Frazier | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

Kyland Young is the Head of Household for ‘Big Brother 23’ Week 10

Following the season’s first double eviction, the Cookout members battled in the Head of Household competition as the winner would take the first shot.

After two hours, Kyland Young emerged as the new HOH, his third of the season. In a conversation with Derek “Big D” Frazier shortly following the competition, Kyland claimed he didn’t want to win and accidentally made the last shot.

Big D suggested he use the opportunity to go after Tiffany Mitchell, and Kyland seemingly agreed, even though they have a final two agreement. After the conversation, Kyland privately told the cameras he didn’t plan to win and didn’t want to take the first shot at the girls.

Additionally, he admitted he wanted to sit next to Xavier Prather at the end, considering him the strongest player remaining. Although he’s in alliance with all the Cookout members except for Azah Awasum, he’ll likely nominate Hannah Chaddha and Tiffany.

Claire Rehfuss went home first during the double eviction

During Week 9, Tiffany made history by becoming the first back-to-back HOH, wanting to save her number one ally outside of the Cookout, Claire Rehfuss, for another week.

Therefore, she targeted the only outlier left, Alyssa Lopez, nominating her alongside Xavier. However, Alyssa won Power of Veto, forcing Tiffany to betray her closest friend in the house.

Before nominating her, the HOH warned Claire that she would go up and might not have the votes to stay. Tiffany told a half-truth, explaining she already made a promise she wouldn’t seal the fate of an African American houseguest.

Even so, Claire fought to stay by attempting to convince the others they stood no chance against Xavier. She also tried to throw him under the bus during her eviction speech to no avail as the Cookout had no intentions of turning on each other. Therefore, she joined the jury in a 4-1 vote.

Alyssa Lopez the second casualty of the first double eviction

The houseguests then immediately faced off in an HOH competition, which came down to the alliance against Alyssa for power.

Hannah won and nominated Alyssa and Xavier, claiming she believed Claire and wanted to target the latter. However, Xavier won POV, seemingly in record time, saving himself from eviction.


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Hannah put Kyland up in his spot, and all the houseguests, except for Xavier as he gave Alyssa a sympathy vote, sent her to the jury next. Following the double eviction, the Cookout celebrated their historic feat as their Day 1 alliance made it to the final six, as planned.

Additionally, whoever wins will become the first Black winner in the history of the original series. Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7 Central on CBS.