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Big Brother 23’s historic alliance The Cookout has done an excellent job of getting to the jury phase without blowing their cover. However, Tiffany Mitchell and Kyland Young might have accidentally exposed their group as they spoke about “the six” in front of a “sleeping” Alyssa Lopez.

Tiffany Mitchell, Alyssa Lopez, and Kyland Young pose for 'Big Brother 23' cast photos
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguests, Tiffany Mitchell, Alyssa Lopez, and Kyland Young | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

The Cookout has remained undetected throughout the season

During the first couple of days in the house, Derek “Big D” Frazier, Tiffany Mitchell, Azah Awasum, and Xavier Prather agreed they wanted to see a Black winner for the first time in the original series’ history.

They added Kyland Young and Hannah Chaddha and called themselves, The Cookout for the culture and immediately noted they would never appear in the same room together.

Also wanting to see African Americans in the final two chairs, Tiffany incorporated a plan for the group to pair up with a designated “pawn.”

Therefore, if someone outside The Cookout won Head of Household, they would nominate them alongside their person instead of another ally, giving the six-person group control of the votes. Her plan has worked so far as the six seamlessly made it to the jury phase without the others finding out. 

Tiffany Mitchell and Kyland Young talked about it in front of a ‘sleeping’ Alyssa Lopez

During Week 8, Tiffany put up Sarah Beth Steagall and Kyland for eviction, and secret HOH, and her person Claire Rehfuss, kept the nominations the same.

While discussing how the Cookout would handle the votes, Tiffany and Kyland didn’t realize the only outlier left other than Claire, Alyssa Lopez was lying next to them under the covers.

During their conversation, Tiffany explained she wanted to give Sarah Beth the lone sympathy vote because she knows her alliance with Xavier, through their former team, the Kings, is over and Azah usually votes with the house.

Additionally, she admitted Sarah Beth had an effective campaign and would keep her over Kyland if he weren’t “in the six.” She then sat down and wondered why Xavier wanted to cast the sympathy vote before Kyland quietly pointed out Alyssa’s presence. Tiffany hit him with her sock as they realized they could’ve exposed themselves, and Kyland began talking about everyone’s votes as a cover-up. 

Alyssa Lopez and Claire Rehfuss are the only outliers

Following the possible unearthing of the hidden alliance, Alyssa hasn’t given any indication that she heard their conversation, as some fans speculated she wasn’t asleep.

However, she has made comments about the jury not consisting of any white men and the dominant minority presence remaining. Additionally, Claire jokingly put the group together a few weeks ago with Derek Xiao when they realized she was the only white player in the house.


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Even if the two remaining outliers discover the alliance, they would have to win out or convince The Cookout to implode to make it to the end.

As a double eviction is coming up, if either Alyssa or Claire survive past Week 9 and win HOH, the alliance will have to turn on each other before the final six. Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7 Central on CBS.