‘Big Brother 23’ Spoilers: Week 5 Nominations Are Set, but Who Is the Real Target?

[SPOILER ALERT: This article reveals the Big Brother 23 Week 5 Head of Household winner and their nominations.]

After Derek Xiao was crowned Head of Household for Big Brother 23 Week 5, he held one-on-one meetings with the houseguests to determine who he would nominate as pawns to pull off a backdoor or make sure someone he considered a threat would go home, guaranteeing his reign wouldn’t become a waste.

'Big Brother 23' houseguests Alyssa Lopez Xavier Prather
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguests Alyssa Lopez Xavier Prather | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

Derek Xiao won Head of Household for Week 5 of ‘Big Brother 23’

Following Whitney Williams’ unanimous eviction, the remaining 12 houseguests faced off for the power of Head of Household in an endurance challenge.

No longer competing in teams, former Kings members Xavier Prather and Alyssa Lopez made deals with Royal Flush ally Derek Xiao for protection in exchange for throwing the HOH to him.

Derek X. received the key for the week and quickly began having conversations regarding nominations after they re-entered the house.

Talking to Tiffany Mitchell, he admitted he wanted to “take the shot” at competition beast Christian Birkenberger as he considered him the biggest physical threat left. However, he didn’t know if he wanted to nominate two former Joker teammates or Kings’ Sarah Beth Steagall. 

His ultimate plan involves backdooring Christian Birkenberger

Believing Sarah Beth might pick Christian for the Power of Veto competition, he initially decided to put up Derek Frazier and Britni D’Angelo as he has more of a relationship with Azah Awasum.

The newest HOH then went on to have one-on-one meetings with everyone in the house as he wanted to find out who would volunteer as a pawn and keep him safe in the following weeks.

After speaking with Sarah Beth, he believed he could work with her and Kyland Young if she remained in the house as they considered themselves on the bottom of the eight-person Royal Flush alliance.

Derek X. vaguely clued her in on his backdoor plan during his conversation with Britni, and she reluctantly agreed to sit on the block a third time.

He thought more about his decision, and Derek X. realized he should place Sarah Beth on the block anyways because if nominations stay the same, she, someone he considered a threat, would leave.

Additionally, he planned to convince Christian not to use the POV if he won by threatening to nominate his showmance partner, Alyssa.

He decided to nominate Britni D’Angelo and Sarah Beth Steagall as pawns

Following the nomination ceremony, former Kings’ teammates Xavier, Christian, and Alyssa discussed Derek X.’s “confusing” choices. Derek X. met with Britni and noted he wanted Kyland to win the POV to backdoor a bigger target.

He later spoke with Sarah Beth and claimed she wasn’t his target, but the former Kings’ teammate noted she didn’t “fully believe him.” The two continued talking, and she caught on to his backdoor plan involving her team captain.


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Because it’s her birthday week, Derek X. agreed to remove her from the block if he won the POV. The HOH later told Christian, Xavier, and Alyssa that he had to nominate one of them so Hannah wouldn’t catch on to the alliance.

Additionally, he claimed it would look suspicious if he didn’t put up someone from the former Kings’ group as the majority of the house is targeting the strong team. They seemingly believed him and said they would help him win the POV to remove Sarah Beth from the block. Will Derek X.’s backdoor plan work? Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.