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Big Brother 23 allies Tiffany Mitchell and Azah Awasum haven’t seen eye to eye as they play the game differently. Following a tense Week 5, the couple made up as they reminded each other of their “commitment” to the Cookout.

Azah Awasum and Tiffany Mitchell pose for 'Big Brother 23' cast photo
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguests, Azah Awasum and Tiffany Mitchell | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

Tiffany Mitchell and Azah Awasum and Derek Frazier stepped on each other’s toes

During Big Brother 23 Week 5, Derek Xiao backdoored the strongest physical competitor in the game, Christian Birkenberger.

Shortly following his nomination, former Jokers and his final two allies Derek Frazier and Britni D’Angelo, told him he had their vote. Already with previous King teammates Xavier Prather and Alyssa Lopez’s votes in his pocket, Christian approached Tiffany Mitchell and Claire Rehfuss as the swing.

Knowing he didn’t have the former Jokers’ votes, Tiffany asked them to tell Christian the truth. However, they didn’t appreciate how she called them liars, causing the exchange to get tense.

Later, Tiffany wanted to speak to Britni privately about flipping the vote, but Derek F. and Azah went into the room as well. Not liking how the Cookout allies approached her, it eventually led to another reported heated exchange between them.

Tiffany and Azah later made up

Azah and Derek F.aired out their grievances about Tiffany, and they mentioned they wouldn’t mind sending Tiffany out of the house when the time comes.

After realizing that four Cookout members (Hannah Chaddha, Derek F., Azah, and Kyland Young) wanted to evict the comp beast outnumbered him and Tiffany, Xavier noted they should stand down and go with the majority of the group.

He and Hannah knew about the tension growing and held one-on-one meetings with a few Cookout allies. After Xavier spoke to Azah and reminded her not to “take things personally,” she had a long-awaited conversation with Tiffany.

The former Queen’s teammate claimed she felt Azah translated her gameplay into her personality. Although Azah denied it, she admitted she had her “doubts” about Tiffany but reminds herself of the “commitment” when coming into the house. Azah also called Tiffany her sister, and the two hugged it out.

The Cookout remains strong and the largest alliance in ‘Big Brother 23’

Following the tension, the large group is still standing strong. Kyland is the new Head of Household, guaranteeing “the six” another week of safety.

To hide their alliance, as a couple of players have found themselves questioning the dynamics left in the house, he nominated Derek F. as a pawn next to Claire, who he would want to be evicted if nominations remained the same.

During Kyland’s second reign, he has found himself possibly becoming a house target as many competitors, including his Cookout alliance, disagree with how he’s handling his HOH.

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Azah felt lied to because Kyland reneged on an agreement to throw her the competition, Tiffany doesn’t trust him, and Hannah has repeatedly claimed she thought the HOH behaved arrogantly.

Despite their disagreement with Kyland’s gameplay, the Cookout members have continually said they don’t plan to go after each other until the final six. Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.