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At final six of Big Brother 23, with only The Cookout members remaining, houseguest Tiffany Mitchell revealed she cast a rogue vote against Alyssa Lopez during Brandon “Frenchie” French’s tumultuous first week as Head of Household. She then became the first person from the alliance to join the jury.

Tiffany Mitchell poses for 'Big Brother 23' cast photo
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguest, Tiffany Mitchell | Cliff Lipson/Getty Images

Tiffany Mitchell and Derek Frazier cast rogue votes during Week 1

After a chaotic first week, Brandon “Frenchie” French settled on Alyssa Lopez and Travis Long as the locked nominees eligible for eviction.

Before the vote, Derek “Big D” Frazier informed The Cookout ally and final two partner Xavier Prather of his decision to “throw” a vote against Alyssa. According to the Jokers’ teammate, he wanted to frame Derek Xiao, hoping to make him the next house target.

In an unrelated conversation, Frenchie privately spoke to Tiffany Mitchell and asked her to vote out Alyssa. The Head of Household explained he intended to pin it on Derek X. as well. Tiffany agreed, as long as he promised not to tell anyone about their plan. Additionally, she vowed to repay him for keeping her safe.

After Travis’s eviction, Tiffany talked to the cameras, admitting she didn’t fully trust Frenchie, even though she liked him as a person. She also explained she only agreed to vote his way because she prefers him to believe they’re working together. Although some houseguests guessed Big D probably cast a rogue vote, they never suspected Tiffany.

She revealed it to The Cookout when they hit the final six

The Cookout advanced all of its members to the final six, an unprecedented triumph, and reached their mission of guaranteeing a Black player would win for the first time.

As the group ate dinner in the kitchen, Tiffany revealed herself as the other rogue vote against Alyssa, surprising nearly everyone. After her announcement, she ran out of the room, and Big D jumped up, calling her “sneaky,” Hannah Chaddha screamed, and Xavier Prather stood there, laughing.

Kyland Young seemed the most stunned and jokingly declared he was “mad” about the reveal. Tiffany explained she initially planned to keep it to herself and wait until everyone else found out when they returned home and watched the season. However, she decided to let the cat out of the bag.

After Big D admitted to casting a vote to evict Alyssa, he noted he thought Christian Birkenberger was the culprit, while Kyland believed Britni D’Angelo went rogue.

Tiffany became the first Cookout member evicted

She revealed her secret during Week 10 when Kyland won Head of Household.

Although he previously aligned with Tiffany and Hannah, he stuck to his final three with Xavier and Big D when it came time to take the first shot at their once tight alliance. Therefore, he nominated the two ladies together with Tiffany as his target. Kyland also won the Power of Veto, guaranteeing one of their evictions.

‘Big Brother 23’: Why 2 Houseguests Cast ‘Rogue’ Votes During First Eviction

He repeatedly rectified his choice in going after Tiffany, naming her choosing to win HOH last week after The Cookout agreed to target her number one, Claire Rehfuss, as a reason. Additionally, he felt Tiffany repeatedly lied to him and kept information from him.

It’s unclear if her rogue vote reveal also factored into his decision, as he probably would’ve gone after her anyway due to his loyalty to Xavier. Big Brother 23 airs on CBS.