‘Big Brother 23’ Week 10 Spoiler: Who Are the Nominees, and Who Is the Target?

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 23 Week 10 Head of Household winner and their nominations.]

After The Cookout made history by making it to the final six, they immediately had to turn on each other. Kyland Young is the first to take a shot at the alliance as he became Head of Household for Week 10. Who did he nominate, and who is his target?

Kyland Young and Xavier Prather pose for 'Big Brother 23' cast photos
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguests, Kyland Young and Xavier Prather | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

The Cookout made history by making it to the final six

Following Sarah Beth Steagall’s eviction, the remaining eight houseguests competed for power. Tiffany Mitchell became the first back-to-back Head of Household winner, as she got dethroned the previous week, wanting to save her closest ally outside of the Cookout, Claire Rehfuss.

Therefore, she targeted the only outlier remaining, Alyssa Lopez, nominating her alongside her “person,” Xavier Prather. However, Alyssa won Power of Veto, forcing Tiffany to betray her best friend.

Even though the HOH warned Claire she might not have the votes to stay, she fought anyway, until her eviction speech, when she called out Xavier. After the others voted her out, they immediately endured the first Double Eviction. Hannah became HOH and nominated Xavier and Alyssa, claiming the former was her target.

Xavier saved himself with the POV, so she put up Kyland Young as a replacement. The Cookout stood firm and evicted Alyssa, advancing all their members to the final six and guaranteeing the show’s first Black winner.

Kyland Young has to take the first shot at a Cookout member

Following the Double Eviction, Kyland won HOH, his third of the season. According to a conversation he had with Derek “Big D” Frazier, he didn’t want to win as he preferred not taking the first shot.

Additionally, Kyland revealed he plans on targeting Tiffany first, despite their final two pact, The Connect. Afterward, the HOH privately admitted to the cameras he preferred to go to the end with the “strongest player,” who he believes to be Xavier.

He and Xavier later talked and decided to go after Tiffany before Hannah Chaddha because he thinks she performs better in competitions. However, he still wanted to nominate them together, guaranteeing one would leave.

Kyland then had one-on-one meetings with the houseguests, and Tiffany admitted she planned to target Xavier, deeming him someone she couldn’t beat. Additionally, she revealed she told him about The Connect. 

Kyland nominated Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha for eviction, with the former as his target

Hannah, who has a final three with Tiffany and Kyland titled CMD, claimed she wanted to go to the end with the group. He tried to test her by wondering how she felt about going up as a pawn, and she noted she thought the others would vote her out over everyone except for Tiffany.

However, she pointed out that she would go home if Tiffany won POV, causing him to lose a number regardless. Additionally, Hannah gave him a lot of information, noting how Xavier, Azah, and Big D aren’t targeting each other and believes Xavier and Big D have final two agreements with everyone except herself.


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Shortly before the nomination ceremony, Tiffany gave Kyland more information, claiming Big D revealed he would keep Xavier over him. Regardless, he stuck to the plan and nominated Tiffany and Hannah alongside each other, with Hannah going home if Tiffany wins Veto.

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