‘Big Brother 23’ Week 4: Who Won the Power of Veto, and Did They Change Christian’s Nominations?

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers, including the Big Brother 23 Week 4 Power of Veto winner.]

Following the Kings’ member Christian Birkenberger claiming the Head of Household title for Week 4 of Big Brother 23, three houseguests faced off for safety in the Wildcard Competition. After Claire Rehfuss won immunity until the jury phase, the HOH, his nominees, and randomly picked players fought for the Power of Veto. Who won, and did they change Christian’s nominations?

'Big Brother 23' houseguest Christian Birkenberger
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguest Christian Birkenberger | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

Christian Birkenberger won his second Power of Veto during Week 4

Head of Household Christian Birkenberger, his nominees Whitney Williams and Hannah Chaddha, and picked houseguests Azah Awasum, Claire Rehfuss, and Derek Xiao all faced off for the Power of Veto.

Although Hannah is connected to Azah through the Cookout alliance and has a final two with Derek X., neither houseguest would want to show their hand or risk a teammate going on the block by saving her from eviction.

Additionally, Claire likely wouldn’t use it on her either as the two don’t have a game relationship. On the other hand, Whitney doesn’t have any allies besides a final two with Britni D’Angelo.

Therefore, either nominee would have to win to save themselves. Although Derek X. noted he tried his hardest, Christian came out on top, taking home the POV for the second time in a row. Not wanting to upset anyone else, the HOH kept his nominations the same. 

Claire Rehfuss won Wildcard Competition

Azah of the Jokers, Whitney representing the Aces, and Queens’ teammate Claire battled it out for safety following the HOH competition.

For the Wildcard Competition, the houseguests had to guide an olive down a martini-shaped rail into a basket waiting at the end. Claire completed the challenge first, claiming her first win.

When faced with accepting a week of immunity for her team or pick safety for herself until the jury phase, Claire took the latter as the Queens are already protected through the Royal Flush alliance.

Additionally, she has been mentioned as a potential target or pawn. Her teammates seemingly understood her decision as they celebrated with her in the storage room.

Hannah Chaddha was the target, but Whitney Williams likely going home

Following the Wildcard Competition, Christian met with his teammates to decide who they should target for the week. Sarah Beth Steagall and his showmance partner Alyssa Lopez pushed for Hannah Chaddha as they considered her a smart and well-connected player.

Additionally, they believed they would have an easier time convincing Whitney not to target them. When the group brought their idea to the Queens, Cookout allies Kyland Young and Tiffany Mitchell attempted to divert the attention to other targets. The Jokers also voiced their eagerness to get Whitney out of the house.


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Therefore, the Kings wanted to keep the makeup artist as they believed others would target her before them. They began to change their minds as they realized Hannah had the numbers and would rather have her on the jury than Whitney.

The Kings also noted they should try to work with Hannah moving forward. As suggested by Xavier, the Cookout members will likely target Sarah Beth as she would probably go after Hannah if she won HOH. Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.