‘Big Brother 23’ Week 6 Spoilers: Who Are the Nominees, and Who is the Target?

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for Week 6 of Big Brother 23.]

After finding out about new twists and powers up for grabs, the Big Brother 23 houseguests battled it out in another Head of Household competition. Who won, and who did they choose to nominate for eviction?

Tiffany Mitchell and Britni D'Angelo pose for 'Big Brother 23' cast photos
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguests, Tiffany Mitchell and Britni D’Angelo | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

Kyland Young is the new Head of Household

Following Christian Birkenberger’s backdoor, the houseguests were informed they made it to the jury phase and of the new twists put into play.

Then, the competitors faced off for the power of Head of Household in a knockout style competition. Even though Kyland Young attempted to throw it to Tiffany Mitchell, he ended up walking away with the win, becoming the only BB23 houseguest to earn two HOH reigns so far.

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He then held one-on-one meetings with the other players in which he asked him a series of questions such as who they viewed as the most influential and biggest threats in the house.

Kyland recreated the memory wall using a chessboard and instructed them to answer by placing candies on the corresponding faces. After staying up all night holding the meetings, he made his nominations early the following day. 

He nominated Claire Rehfuss and Derek Frazier for eviction

Initially, Kyland noted he wanted to target former Queen’s teammate and Detectives’ ally Claire Rehfuss and didn’t care who sat next to her.

He toyed with the idea of nominating Brinti D’Angelo again and admitted he might take the opportunity to take a shot at Sarah Beth Steagall if anyone removed themselves from the block.

During his one-on-one meeting with Claire, he warned her he might use her as a pawn so the others wouldn’t sniff out their alliance. He later met with Cookout ally and final two partner Derek Frazier who volunteered to go up as a pawn, not wanting anyone to catch on to “the six.”

Ultimately, Kyland took Derek F. up on his offer and nominated him and Claire, who he would prefer to go home if nominations stayed the same. Even though Tiffany and Claire are close allies, she has already come to terms with the fact she would have to cut her to further the Cookout.

Who is Kyland’s real target?

Following nominations, the houseguests also found out how many BB Bucks America awarded them. Derek F. revealed he earned $100, the highest amount, to Kyland, and Hannah Chaddha knew Britni and close ally Derek Xiao also received $100.

Hannah and Xavier Prather confirmed they had $75, followed by Tiffany, leaving everyone else with $50.

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The amount of money the top-earning houseguests received and the strength of the powers they could cash them in for down the line scared Kyland, who began thinking about backdooring Britni if the Power of Veto removed a nominee from the block.

Additionally, he felt a lot of the conflict in the Cookout revolved around trying to protect Britni. If nominations stay the same, Claire will leave the house. If the POV is used, the perennial pawn might go home. Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.