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The Big Brother 23 cast is building relationships and starting to make alliances. Some of the women are closer to each other than others. There are three female houseguests who aren’t in the women’s alliances. This is who they are and which alliances they do have ties to.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for Big Brother 23 live feed on July 12]

The women are starting to work together on ‘Big Brother 23’

Women alliances haven’t worked in the past, but some fans had hoped this season would be different. That’s because Claire Rehfuss (captain of Team Queens) is a superfan of the show and said she was determined to work with other women.

She followed through with her initial plan. She made an alliance with Azah Awasum (Team Jokers), Tiffany Mitchell (Team Queens), and Britini D’Angelo (Team Jokers). They have considered multiple names for their alliance.

There is another women’s alliance which includes Tiffany, Claire, and Sarah Steagall (Team Kings) called Jackpot. These alliances are obviously starting to overlap with members and leaving out specific women.

Which ‘Big Brother 23’ women aren’t in the women’s alliances?

It looks like Whitney Williams, Alyssa Lopez, and Hannah Chaddha have been left out of the women’s alliances. But that doesn’t mean they’re floaters. 

Alyssa Lopez had a tough first week in the house because she was nominated to go on the block. She still managed to make it into the biggest alliance of the season, Slaughterhouse.

The Slaughterhouse includes Alyssa, Whitney, Brandon “Frenchie” French, Kyland Young, Christian Birkenberger, Derek Frazier, Xavier Prather, and Brent Champagne. The core group within that is called The Butchers, which includes Frenchie, Kyland, Christian, Derek F, and Xaiver.

Julie Chen smiles wearing a black and white dress on the set of 'Big Brother'
Julie Chen smiles wearing a black and white dress on the set of ‘Big Brother’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

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There is a good chance Slaughterhouse can still fall apart. After all, Frenchie put Alyssa and Kyland up on the block. He put Alyssa up because he believed she was Christian’s closest ally and they might start a showmance. He chose Kyland even though they became close and claimed it was because he trusted him. However, that unsurprisingly led to some friction in their relationship. 

Hannah currently does fall more into the floater category. The only alliance she is affiliated with is The Cookout, and she’s still an unofficial member. The Cookout includes Azah, Derek F, Xavier, Kyland, and Tiffany. They seem to be the most stable group, but they’re very careful about being seen together so they hardly meet.

Time will tell if the women alliances will be able to tear the fragile big alliance apart. Or if Hannah, Alyssa, and Whitney will eventually make it into one of the women’s alliances. But it looks like there are multiple women who are determined to work together this season.