‘Big Brother 23’: Why Xavier Wanted the Christian and Alyssa Showmance: ‘I’m in Trouble’

Many Cookout members have stated they would work with other houseguests during Big Brother 23 if they weren’t more focused on “the mission.” Xavier Prather said he would have taken Alyssa Lopez to the final two if she were in their alliance and might have wanted something more had she not gotten into a showmance with Christian Birkenberger. 

Christian Birkenberger, Xavier Prather, and Alyssa Lopez pose for 'Big Brother 23' cast photo
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguests, Christian Birkenberger, Xavier Prather and Alyssa Lopez | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

Xavier Prather, Alyssa Lopez, and Christian Birkenberger were Kings’ teammates

23-year-old Christian Birkenberger won the kickoff competition, giving him the power to choose the other three houseguests to complete his team, the Kings. He selected Alyssa Lopez, Sarah Beth Steagall, and Xavier Prather.

The group proved to be a legitimate threat as Sarah Beth correctly clocked Christian as the first target, urging him to compete for safety in the Wildcard Competition. He won and saved Xavier as well.

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Even though Alyssa ended up on the block during Week 1 due to her affiliation with Christian, they downplayed their relationship and averted the target. The close group developed a target on their backs, but their competition wins kept them safe, and they became the only team to keep all their members after the twist’s conclusion.

However, everyone wanted to take a shot at them the first opportunity they could, especially at Christian, who proved himself a legitimate physical threat.

Alyssa and Christian got into a showmance

Near the end of Week 2, Christian and Alyssa began spending more time together. The two would cuddle and discuss random topics, including their lives outside the BB house, but repeatedly denied any romantic involvement.

They also tried to convince themselves they weren’t involved in a showmance until admitting their feelings for each other but still tried to keep the new relationship under wraps.


More open about the budding romance, Christian sought advice from Tiffany Mitchell and Britni D’Angelo, fearing the showmance would paint a target on their backs. Although the ladies advised him to keep his distance and only hang out with her in groups, he couldn’t resist, and they began sleeping in the same bed together.

The two snuck a kiss underneath the covers before Christian planted a big one on her shortly after his eviction. Following his exit, Alyssa and Xavier have remained closely aligned. Many Live Feed viewers, including a few houseguests, have thought Xavier had more interest in Alyssa than a friendship.

Xavier is glad Alyssa and Christian got together; he thinks she’s ‘mad cute’

He recently confirmed finds her attractive and is grateful that she and Christian hit it off as he likely would have considered her for a showmance. It’s unclear how he feels about Cookout ally Azah Awasum, who already revealed her “middle school crush” on him.

During Week 8, he spoke to Hannah about his friendship with Alyssa, noting if she had “a Black parent” or “a little melanin,” he would have chosen her for a final two, as she likely would’ve been a part of the Cookout. He continued, explaining they had a good friendship and he finds her attractive, so he realized, “I’m in trouble.”

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After pointing out he got “too concerned” when Alyssa landed on the block during Week 1, he said he urged Christian to “get in there” the following week. By Week 3, when the pair became a “full showmance,” he was happy because he knew he wouldn’t cross the line with her as Christan is “my boy.”

Likely because ChrisAlyss have talked about a relationship outside of the house, Xavier hasn’t made a move, noting he’s “been good since then.” Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7 Central on CBS.