‘Big Brother 23’: Zingbot Continued Zinging Houseguests on Twitter

The loved but hated, Zingbot made its annual appearance in Big Brother 23 last week, where the robot delivered the usual insults before hosting a Power of Veto competition. After the episode, Zingbot threw in a few more disses he left out on Twitter.

Kathy Griffin and Zingbot appeared on 'Big Brother 16'
Zingbot returns to the Big Brother house and special guest Kathy Griffin hosts the “Zingervention” Power of Veto competition, on ‘Big Brother 16’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS/Getty Images

Zingbot 9000 returned for ‘Big Brother 23’

During Week 9, the staple dissing robot Zingbot returned to insult the houseguests and host a Power of Veto competition. For Big Brother 22, he based his persona on Joe Exotica from Netflix docuseries Tiger King and needed the contestants’ help to find his missing alien tigers.

This season, he decided to become an influencer on Zingstagram because his “tiger sanctuary went belly up.” According to the robot, viewers on the platform enjoy watching “idiots do stupid challenges,” so he tasked the houseguests to stack mini champagne glasses for the medallion, similar to the POV competition Da’Vonne Rogers won last season.

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But first, Zingbot made sure to insult the houseguests. He called Florida native Alyssa Lopez “dim,” pointed out how often Xavier Prather checks himself out in a mirror and made fun of Tiffany Mitchell’s older age.

The robot also compared Claire to Bigfoot, implied Hannah Chaddha was irrelevant and uninteresting, and claimed the “mark” Derek “Big D” Frazier left on the season is in the toilet. Additionally, Zingbot claimed Xavier would never go on a date with Azah Awasum, as she has a “middle school crush on him,” and told the “babbling” Kyland Young to “shut the f— up.” 

He continued zinging the houseguests on Twitter

The dissing robot continued his slew of insults on Twitter shortly after the episode. The robot went a little harder on social media as one claimed it jumping into a pool would create more “sparks” than Xavier has with Alyssa.

Zingbot also threw shade at Big D by comparing him to the Eiffel Tower, stating the houseguest says “Eiffel down” after endurance competitions.

Additionally, the robot posted a picture on another planet, captioning it, “I can still hear Kyland talking from here.”

Finally, the robot uploaded a photo of himself running a marathon with other athletes, comparing it to how fast he moves when he hears Azah singing. 

Fans responded to Zingbot’s disses

On Twitter, many followers reacted to Zingbot’s insults, with several noting they felt the robot didn’t bring his A-game this year.

One user thought it went a “little soft” on the houseguests, with others suggesting the show “retire” Zingbot altogether and bring back comedian Kathy Griffin, who appeared in season 16.

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Additionally, some viewers wanted the robot to roast the houseguests with other material, such as Xavier’s “obsession” with Alyssa or Big D’s habit of often sleeping. However, others thought Zingbot insulted a few players well as they enjoyed the dig at Kyland and considered Azah’s zing the “most embarrassing” of anyone.

BB21’s Jessica Milagros enjoyed the Twitter Zings, especially the one commenting on the lack of “sparks” between Xavier and Alyssa, quote tweeting it, “Why did Zingbot waste this on Twitter and not on the show? I seriously cackled.” Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7 Central on CBS.