‘Big Brother 24’: Alyssa’s ‘Disgusting’ Behavior Toward Kyle Is Starting to Make Fans ‘Uncomfortable’

Big Brother 24 Houseguests Alyssa Snider and Kyle Capener are interested in each other, but it hasn’t materialized into a showmance yet, mainly as Kyle forbids it. However, she has repeatedly attempted to hook up with him, and it’s starting to make fans “uncomfortable.”

Alyssa Snider tried to shower with Kyle Capener during ‘Big Brother 24’

Alyssa Snider and Kyle Capener have hit it off over the past week. Although the latter doesn’t want to get into a showmance, he has admitted to a mutual crush.

Following the Power of Veto competition in Week 3, Kyle showered while talking to Alyssa. In a clip captured on the Live Feeds and uploaded to Twitter, she asked to shower with him several times, but he refused.

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The Florida native revealed she thinks about showering with him often, and he claimed they could when they get to the Jury House.

Alyssa expressed she didn’t want to wait that long, but Kyle answered that it was their current situation. He later accused her of trying to peek into his shower by looking into a reflection. However, she denied it.

Alyssa’s behavior is making fans ‘uncomfortable’

The interaction and other similar situations with Alyssa are beginning to make many fans “uncomfortable,” as he’s previously told her several times that he doesn’t want to do anything sexual with her while in the house due to the cameras and his religious past.

Some referred to her behavior as “disgusting” and “sexual harassment” because she kept pushing and felt Kyle would have gotten kicked out of the house if the roles were reversed. She also attempted to kiss Kyle several times in the Head of Household room, but he refused as he didn’t want to get into a showmance. Instead, he kissed her on the forehead.

Fans previously thought a showmance might form between Alyssa and Kyle

Last week, Alyssa and Kyle talked in a bedroom when he approached her to thank her for their friendship. He got a little emotional before calling her an “amazing person.”

The Utah native admitted he feared not making any connections during his time in the house, “but you’re the sweetest girl I’ve ever met.” The couple hugged, and Alyssa thanked him, including that she also “appreciates” him. They began flirting and talking about their personalities outside the house, leading fans to believe they might form the first showmance of the season.

Early in the competition, the pair teamed up through Po’s Pack, which Alyssa and her number one Paloma Aguilar, who self-evicted after the first week, created on top of the girls’ alliance for more protection. After she left, they replaced her with Nicole Layog. The group also included Ameerah Jones, and they teamed up with guys Monte Taylor, Michael Bruner, and Kyle.

However, after Alyssa spilled the beans to Kyle about the all-girls alliance, it eventually led to him, Monte, and Michael leaving Po’s Pack and joining The Leftovers with Matt “Turner,” Brittany Hoopes, Joseph Abdin, and Taylor Hale. They blindsided Ameerah and, by extension, Alyssa. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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