‘Big Brother 24’: Alyssa and Kyle Are Caught Kissing, ‘Cover’s Blown’

Big Brother houseguests have the choice of laying low or being public with their showmances. Kyle Capener tried to keep his distance from Alyssa Snider. But they made a big step and got caught on the live feeds.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds on Aug. 2, 2022.]

Alyssa and Kyle’s history on ‘Big Brother 24’

Alyssa Snider smiles on 'Big Brother 24'.
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Kyle is in The Leftovers alliance. He formed it after Alyssa revealed the women in the house were working together and Po’s Pack. 

The first big move from the alliance was evicting Ameerah Jones. Alyssa confronted Kyle for betraying her by evicting her closest friend from the house.

Alyssa also made her feelings for Kyle clear. He said he wanted to wait for jury or after the season to explore their relationship. But they made a big showmance step together before that.

Kyle and Alyssa are caught kissing in ‘Big Brother 24’

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Kyle and Alyssa were cuddling in a bed in the early morning of Aug. 2. Daniel Durston was on a bed next to them, sleeping.

They were whispering to each other and secretly kissing. Matt “Turner” Turner then walked in on them, and they pulled away from each other. “Cover’s blown,” Kyle whispered to Alyssa. “Is it just Turner?” she asked him.

“Turner just asked if we’re asleep. Oh, he’s talking to production. He said are you guys asleep?” Kyle said.

“I’m not no,” Turner said. “I asked are you asleep?” Kyle repeated that he was talking to production. “No one’s in this house,” Turner said. “Everyone’s outside.”

Kyle laughed, “He doesn’t know what to do right now.” Turner replied, “I’m using the bathroom.” Kyle then said he felt “so bad” while laughing. They went back to cuddling and kissing some more after Turner left. Indy Santos entered the room while they were lying in bed next to each other. 

She asked them why they weren’t hanging out outside. “Because it’s more fun,” Kyle answered. “We’re risky.” They stayed to cuddle more. Kyle claimed he’s been waiting 27 days to kiss her because he had the biggest crush on her.

Do the rest of The Leftovers know about their showmance?

Turner revealed to Taylor Hale in the kitchen later that he walked in on Kyle and Alyssa kissing. “Like I don’t wanna snitch, but I’m glad I did,” Turner said. 

“It was an accident,” Taylor said. “Literally, I was like I was surprised. I figured everyone knows what it is,” he said. “Everyone knows,” Taylor agreed. “It just is.”

For now, it looks like Kyle and Alyssa aren’t seen as a problem since it’s out in the open. Fans will have to wait and see if and when Alyssa will become their target again.

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