‘Big Brother 24’: Alyssa Admits She Regrets Giving up ‘Someone Back Home’ for Kyle

Big Brother 24 houseguests Alyssa Snider and Kyle Capener had a showmance spanning nearly the entire season before she dumped him prior to his eviction. Following his exit, Alyssa has since revealed that she regrets giving up “someone back home” for a relationship with Kyle.

Alyssa Snider regrets giving up a relationship for Kyle Capener

During Alyssa Snider’s last week in the Big Brother house, she admitted she had regrets about getting romantically involved with Kyle Capener.

Speaking to a couple of other houseguests, she emotionally opened up about returning to the real world after the show ended. The Florida native admitted she had “someone back home” and a “life” that she gave up for Kyle. However, she seems to regret it as she repeatedly noted how he made her look “stupid” and gave several examples.

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Even though she recognizes he might have had her “best interests” at heart, Alyssa shared that she still can’t get over how he made her feel. According to the houseguest, she came up with poems in her head that she intended to recite to him but couldn’t find him, giving her panic attacks.

She continued, pointing out that she was in the Diary Room doting about meeting her “soulmate” while he was in the Head of Household room plotting to vote her out of the game. Alyssa admitted she regretted saying that about him, noting how “dumb” it made her look and how badly the situation hurt her. She ended by pointing out that everything is captured on TV, calling it “mortifying.”

Alyssa and boyfriend have confirmed a relationship before ‘Big Brother 24’

After the two established a romantic interest in each other, Alyssa became overwhelmed with the game and admitted she would rather be at home with her “person.”

Ally Joseph Abdin relayed the information to Kyle, who appeared upset about it at first, ready to turn on her. Still, the two eventually worked it out, officially becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. However, when the house flipped on him a couple of weeks later, she began debating ending their relationship.

Speaking to Brittany Hoopes beforehand, the two talked about dealing with a breakup during the game. Alyssa agreed and revealed that she had a “special person” before entering the house but ended up saying “to hell with it” to get into a relationship with Kyle.

Her boyfriend back home, Joe Doyle, appeared to confirm their romance after the showmance began heating up by posting a June 20 picture of them, posing together with their fingers interlocked, to Twitter. In his caption, he promised never to give Alyssa “the time of day” again.

Alyssa dumped Kyle before his eviction

During Week 8, Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes exposed Kyle’s offensive theory that the non-white houseguests were secretly working together, similar to last season’s Cookout.

Even though the two claim it didn’t benefit their game, they were able to flip the house against Kyle and get him on the block, resulting in the Leftover defector’s eviction. Before he left, Alyssa dumped him, claiming she felt he never “fought” for her in the game.

As a Leftover member, Kyle lied to Alyssa several times throughout the competition and probably would’ve evicted her if Festie Bestie Daniel Durston hadn’t used the Power of Veto. During Week 7’s Split House twist, Kyle came clean about his involvement in the other alliances.

Additionally, others told her about his intention to leave her on the block, ultimately factoring into her decision to end things. Although Alyssa claimed she would watch the season back after filming and then re-evaluate their relationship, she seems done with him. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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