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The Big Brother 24 cast has been revealed and former houseguests are sharing their reactions. Turns out Alyssa Snider knows Alyssa Lopez from last season. This is how they know each other and everything they have in common.

[SPOILER ALERT: Major spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode that aired on July 6, 2022.] 

Who is Alyssa Snider on ‘Big Brother 24’?

Snider is a 24-year-old marketing rep, according to Parade. She’s from Sarasota, Florida and her intro in the first episode showed her wearing a bikini on the beach. Snider claimed she loves to write poetry and has an outgoing side.

She’s one of the many life-long fans of Big Brother this season. The marketing rep claimed her family played games similar to the competitions in the show with her family. “My family is so excited for me. This is seriously a dream come true,” she said.

Snider wants to befriend people and make big moves. That probably won’t be hard for her since she already knows a houseguest that was previously on the show.

How does Alyssa Snider know Alyssa Lopez from last season?

The season 24 houseguest shares more than a first name and hometown with the former houseguest. They know each other!

“OMG YES!!!! We always talked about how we are both superfans of the show. Keeping the Sarasota & Alyssa name strong #bb24,” Lopez tweeted on July 5. They also work in the same industry since Lopez is a swimwear designer and Snider revealed in the first episode that she’s a customer service rep for a swimwear brand. Lopez is competing in the current season of The Challenge: USA.

She’s not the only houseguest Lopez is rooting for. A fan tweeted a picture of Paloma Aguilar and she wrote, “I think…I might be in love.”

Alyssa Snider’s rocky start in ‘Big Brother 24’

Joe 'Pooch' Picciarelli, Polama Aguilar, Alyssa Snider, and Brittany Hoopes
Joe ‘Pooch’ Picciarelli, Polama Aguilar, Alyssa Snider, and Brittany Hoopes | Photo: CBS

‘Big Brother 24’ Fans Notice 1 Houseguest Purposely Avoided a Night 1 Curse

The first episode showed everyone but Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli competing for the chance to win Head of Household (HOH). In the end, Daniel Durston won HOH and Pooch became the Backstage Boss. 

He won’t compete in any competitions this week, but he can’t be nominated either. Pooch can also compete for HOH next week. But the three people he chooses could still be in danger and won’t be able to compete either.

He picked the first people who dropped out of the competition which were Snider, Paloma, and Brittany Hoopes. Fans can vote for which of the three to keep safe by voting on They can cast up to ten votes.

So if fans don’t save Snider she might be in danger of being the first one evicted. But we know at least one former houseguest is rooting for her from home.