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Big Brother usually has the houseguests inside the house. But this season switched things up with half of the cast living outside for the week. Alyssa Snider revealed what it’s been like and asked production for help.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds on Aug. 24, 2022.] 

Dyre Fest changed on ‘Big Brother 24’

The Big Brother 24 game changed this week to split the cast into two. Michael Bruner is Head of Household (HOH). He picked Monte Taylor, Taylor Hale, Brittany Hoopes, and Jasmine Davis to stay inside with him.

Terrance Higgins is HOH of outside’s Dyre Fest. He picked Kyle Capener, Alyssa Snider, Joseph Abdin, and Matt “Turner” Turner to stay outside with him.

They have access to the pool and exercise equipment. They were also given an outside shower and a small kitchen. But the houseguests are exposed to the elements and outsiders.

Someone reportedly yelled information to the cast. Outside feeds were down for a day afterward, and the houseguests inside heard music playing outside. 

Feeds returned on Tuesday night. But the houseguests mentioned a tarp was covering the backyard, which made it hot.

Alyssa talks about worsening Dyre Fest conditions and asking for help

Alyssa and Turner were talking on Aug. 24. They both considered getting into the pool. Turner said he’s tempted to fall in but admitted he was just saying that because he’s thirsty.

“I’m so thirsty,” Alyssa agreed. They wondered if they’ll be allowed to go inside to change for the live vote.

“I doubt it,” Alyssa said. “They probably want us looking like this.” Turner said, “Probably. I can’t even imagine right now with that tarp up. It’ll be hell.”

“I was like going crazy this morning,” Alyssa claimed. “I woke up early as f**** like I don’t know, hours before the music. Like I was literally dripping with sweat with ants all over me. And I was like, ‘What the f***?’ And I talked through my microphone all morning like, ‘Please help me.’ And I went into the diary room, and no one talked back.  I was like, ‘Please take the tarp down.’”

Who will make it back inside the house?

Alyssa Snider sits with a blanket on her shoulders facing Terrance Higgins outside in Dyre Fest of 'Big Brother 24'.
Alyssa Snider and Terrance Higgins talk on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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The houseguests have to wait for Thursday to merge back with the house. Terrance first nominated Turner and Joseph on the block. They played the veto competition, and Terrance won.

He replaced Turner on the block with Kyle. It’s unknown the reason why because feeds were down. But it looks like everyone plans to vote out Joseph. The lawyer isn’t going down without a fight and keeps making pitches to stay.