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​​Big Brother 24 fans were promised new twists. The first one didn’t quite work, but Julie Chen Moonves revealed a “bestie” twist is coming.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode that aired on July 14, 2022.] 

‘Big Brother 24’ started with the Backstage Twist

Big Brother 24 kicked off with an interesting start. Everyone but Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli competed for the chance to win Head of Household (HOH). Pooch became Backstage Boss and picked three houseguests to join him. He picked Alyssa Snider, Paloma Aguilar, and Brittany Hoopes. 

They all couldn’t be nominated for the block or compete that week. But everyone except for Pooch was still in danger of going home. America voted to keep Alyssa, Paloma, or Brittany safe. Houseguests were unaware of this and were left guessing why they were still in danger. It wasn’t until eviction night that their questions were answered.

Moonves revealed the twist was going to end with a nominee and one of the people backstage battling. Whoever lost the competition would go home. However, Paloma left the game for personal reasons. The producers decided to keep everyone safe and end the twist. The cast seemed thrilled by this announcement and quickly went into a new HOH competition.

A Big Brother Bestie twist is coming

Julie Chen Moonves stands on the 'Big Brother 24' stage in a purple dress.
Julie Chen Moonves on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS via Getty Images

The season’s first twist didn’t come to fruition entirely. But the season is moving forward, and another twist is coming, according to the host.

“We are going to reveal more angles of the ‘Backstage Boss’ twist on tonight’s show and we have a new twist coming for the houseguests next week,” Moonves told Us Weekly. “All I can say is [that] the houseguests will have been with each other for a couple of weeks 24/7, and you get to know people. The houseguests will have to have ‘Big Brother bestie.'”

We don’t have any other details about what this could mean. But it sounds like it’s a twist that might encourage the house to not focus on big alliances and split everyone into duos.

Some ‘Big Brother’ fans might have predicted the twist

Moonves previously dropped hints about the new season on social media. She tweeted a picture of herself having two fingers by her eye and wrote, “2 days ’til BB24 #bb24.” Fans on Reddit thought duos could be possible this season.

“Everyone is saying duos but I’m starting to believe there are two houses,” someone theorized. “Anything to prevent a super majority alliance from forming,” another fan replied.

One fan commented, “honestly duos is very possible. Would ESPECIALLY explain why they waited so long for the cast reveal cause if someone got dropped cause of covid last minute the whole pair would have to be dropped.”

“Lots of references to the number 2, maybe a pairs thing? Maybe secret pairs like BB6, exes like BB4, or fake couples like BB9? I dunno, maybe I’m reaching here,” someone else added.

So some fans probably called it. But we must wait for more details on how the besties are determined and what they’ll do together.