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Big Brother 24 finalized its final three this season. Brittany Hoopes was evicted, and Showbiz Cheat Sheet sent her questions about her experience. We received her answers over Zoom on Sept. 23, 2022, and this is what she had to say about her messy gameplay.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode on Sept. 22, 2022.] 

Brittany on her controversial ‘Big Brother 24’ move with Michael

Q: You spent a lot of time trying to get the target off Michael [Bruner] before his last week. You were successful, but because everyone fact-checked their conversations with you, the target was moved to you. Do you regret going so far to protect Michael?

Brittany: You know, that’s a great question. Going that far to protect Michael, I really, for better or for worse, viewed Michael and I’s game kind of, you know, as one cohesive unit all the way to the end. I really believed in that.

And so I think I knew he was in trouble. I wanted to divert that target or at least equip him with the proper information to know what to do while he was in power, knowing that he couldn’t be HOH the next week. And yeah, it feels like now, looking back at it, that I, you know, did so much work there that it put it right back on me at the end of the day. We both were up there at the double eviction, and he went home. So, you know, he paid the price ultimately. But it sure did put my game in a bit of a pickle, you know, moving into the subsequent weeks after that.

So no regrets in that moment other than I wish I would have realized, Brittany, you’re going to be playing this game absolutely solo very soon. What’s going to help you most in that situation? Perhaps I might have made better moves.

Q: You kept saying outing Kyle [Capener]’s plan for a white alliance hurt your game. But it’s fact that your timing was perfect to where you kept your Bro Chella allies, Taylor [Hale] and Monte [Taylor] by outing Kyle and making him a target. Why not admit it helped your game in some form?

Brittany: You know, I absolutely don’t think that it end up helping my game.

Brittany on throwing Taylor under the bus

Brittany Hoopes stands smiling in a 'Big Brother 24' bedroom.
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Q: You tried to turn the vote on Taylor to keep Alyssa [Snider] because she wasn’t talking to you as much that week. But why didn’t you just talk to your friend if you wanted to talk to her? Why go straight to punishing her game?

Brittany: You know, I think it’s a very nuanced sort of thing. One tiny little element was that I could sense some distance between us, but really what that told me is that something more was going on in the game, you know, that I needed to take into consideration.

Ultimately, at the end of the day, the main driving force of why I even considered that plan was that I knew everyone was against me anyways, so might as well try to shake something up. Perhaps if the plan didn’t go through, which I thought was most likely that it would, it could at least create a bit of suspicion around Turner kind of a he-said-she-said sort of situation in the subsequent week.

Also, it was purely strategic in the way that who did I want to compete against? If my only strategy was to stay as long as I win, who could I win against? And I really did truly think that I would have a better shot at winning the next comp against Alyssa versus Taylor. And what, you know, that next HOH came down to a tiebreaker question between me and Taylor. I probably would have won that HOH had I been competing against Alyssa.

Q: Did you plan what to say if Turner ever confronted you about lying about the split vote and blaming him for it? Or was your response you thinking on your feet?

Brittany: What do you think? I was in the bathroom, just literally be like, ‘Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, I need to–what am I going to say to Turner? I know he’s right outside that door.’

All I knew with Turner is that I could not give him anything to use sort of against me. I couldn’t say anything that seemed too specific because he would run right upstairs to the HOH room and tell Taylor and tell Monte. So, yes, thanking him for his feedback. That was not the most polished thing I could have said, but it was the most non-answer that I could muster up in that moment.

Brittany addresses her last cover story for the split vote


‘Big Brother 24’: Taylor and Monte Cuddle After Headphone Spat

Q: You told Taylor you were the vote to evict her in the split vote but claimed you knew she would be safe but wanted Turner to be blindsided and Monte to choose. But you know your goal was to get Taylor out because you thought she wasn’t talking to you enough. Why not own that with Taylor?

Brittany: You know, I think my primary reason, I know my primary reason of making that move was to shake things up and to, you know, try to create a little bit of a suspicion around Turner and to make Monte have to break that tie. One tiny element is just the fact that we felt a little distance between us, but was not the driving reason why I decided to flip that vote.

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