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Big Brother 24 fourth-place finisher Brittany Hoopes has returned home after the finale and began watching the season back, which she admits is “harder” than she thought. However, once she finishes it, Brittany promises to share more insight into situations.

Brittany Hoopes says watching the ‘Big Brother 24’ is ‘harder’ than she thought

Following the finale, Brittany briefly hung out with her housemates and met up for lunch with Michael Bruner and his fiance.

After returning home, she began her debriefing process by watching her season back. It’s unclear how many episodes the reality star got through before making a post to her Instagram story, but she admitted that she’s finding it “harder” than she thought to watch them.

However, Brittany wants to get through the season to “formulate my thoughts.”

The Austin native then promises to share more insight behind anything she found “shocking, inaccurate, and funny” after she finishes. While some fans are looking forward to it, others note they want context behind some things that were only shown on the Live Feeds.

Brittany received criticism for how she handled Kyle Capener situation 

One situation that will likely be hard for Brittany to watch involves her and Michael exposing Kyle Capener’s Cookout 2.0 theory during Week 8. The Utah native shared his false assumptions about the houseguests of color secretly working together with them and pitched an all-white alliance to counter.

The following week, he was separated from the pair due to the Split House twist. In the backyard at Dyre Fest, Kyle turned on the seven-person alliance the Leftovers to save himself and his showmance, Alyssa Snider, resulting in Joseph Abdin’s blindside. Matt “Turner” sided with Kyle and also defected from the group, and he nominated Brittany and Taylor with Michael as his backdoor target.

However, Michael correctly figured it out and saved himself and Brittany with the Power of Veto. The two then told the others about Kyle’s offensive proposal, successfully turning the house against him.

As a result, Turner backdoored his closest ally, wanting to do what was best for everyone. Even though Brittany and Michael exposed Kyle, they received backlash from viewers and other houseguests who felt they held onto the information until it benefited them to release it. While the two were safe with the Veto, getting rid of Kyle saved Taylor that week, keeping their numbers strong.

Brittany almost had a falling out with close friend Michael Bruner

Additionally, Brittany will probably have difficulty re-living the second half of the double eviction, which happened the following week. Turner won HOH and nominated Alyssa and Brittany for eviction.

Monte Taylor kept the power with the Pound allies by winning Veto and wanted to use the opportunity to take a shot at Michael, who broke competition records during his time in the house. Therefore, he saved Alyssa, and Turner backdoored Michael, who instantly tried to keep his game.


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Sitting next to his closest ally, the Minnesota-based lawyer threw her under the bus in the last ditch effort. He called out Brittany for leaking information and forming several alliances, promising he wouldn’t do the same and target frontrunners, Monte and Turner.

However, the other houseguests considered him the bigger threat, evicting him regardless. Michael’s ruthless speech devastated Brittany, who almost immediately began crying. She remained upset after his exit and admitted the move hurt her feelings because she thought they had a friendship. After her eviction, Brittany has said she wants to figure things out with him but appears to have forgiven her ally.