‘Big Brother 24’: Brittany Reveals She Plans to Use the Prize Money to Start a Family

Big Brother 24 houseguest Brittany Hoopes has stated that she’s OK with placing second in the competition. In a private conversation in front of the cameras, Brittany revealed that she plans to use the prize money, as various amounts are awarded based on placement, to start a family.

Michael Bruner threw Brittany Hoopes under the bus before exit

When Matt “Turner” became Head of Household during the second half of the double eviction, he nominated Brittany Hoopes alongside Alyssa Snider.

She found herself sitting next to close ally Michael Bruner when Monte Taylor won Power of Veto, making way for a backdoor. Knowing he would likely get evicted as the bigger threat, Michael went out swinging and threw Brittany under the bus as a last-ditch effort.

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He pointed out that she leaked information and made several final pacts, something he promised he wouldn’t do. Instead, Michael swore to team up with Taylor Hale and Alyssa to go after clear frontrunner, Turner and Monte. His pleas fell on deaf ears as the two voted him out anyway.

When the cameras checked back in with Brittany after his exit, she sat in the same seat, stunned that her friend had turned on her since they had had a close relationship from the beginning of the competition.

Brittany admitted that she’s ‘angry’ about Michael’s betrayal

Once the Live Feeds returned after the episode, Brittany talked with Taylor about the situation, noting she never thought Michael would throw her under the bus.

She also spoke with Turner and Alyssa, admitting that she let “friendship blind me.” Brittany insisted she wasn’t sad but “angry,” noting she “prioritized” their relationship while Michael didn’t.

In a private conversation with the cameras, Brittany opened up more. She called the double eviction their “worst case scenario” as she planned to stick with Michael until the end, regardless if others thought it wasn’t a good game plan.

The Austin native revealed she wanted to make friends on the show but has since realized the Big Brother house isn’t the place for that. Even so, Brittany hopes she made a “real friend” in Michael.

Brittany wants the ‘Big Brother’ prize money to start a family

The houseguest also seemed to explain her decision to make several alliances last week, which ultimately led to her game’s downfall, noting that she knew Turner planned to target Michael.

However, her ally wouldn’t listen and decided to take out Terrance Higgins instead. Therefore, Brittany felt the need to make backup plans.

She continued, revealing that she wanted to compete to earn $40,000 to start a family, which explains why she has mentioned not caring about winning as the prize money for runner-up would suffice. However, with Michael out of the house, the cards are stacked against Brittany as she looks to join him in the jury house next.

The houseguests want her out due to her messy gameplay, and they’ve established stronger bonds with each other. If Brittany doesn’t win the upcoming HOH competition, she’ll have to win Power of Veto to stay. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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