‘Big Brother 24’: Brittany Says Michael Tried to Apologize After Ruthless Speech

Big Brother 24 frontrunner Michael Bruner could not save himself during the second half of the double eviction, leading to his exit. Before he left, he threw his close ally, Brittany Hoopes, under the bus, upsetting her. She claims he attempted to apologize during the commercial break.

Michael Bruner threw Brittany Hoopes under the bus before ‘Big Brother 24’ exit

Matt “Turner” won Head of Household during the second half of the double eviction and nominated Alyssa Snider and Brittany Hoopes for eviction.

Monte Taylor secured the Power of Veto and saved Alyssa, opening the door for Turner to replace her with competition threat Michael Bruner. Sitting next to his closest ally, Michael threw her under the bus in a last-ditch effort to remain in the house.

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He called out Brittany for leaking information and forming several alliances, promising he wouldn’t do the same. Instead, Michael presented himself as a loyal competitor who would go after frontrunners Monte and Turner if Alyssa and Taylor Hale voted to keep him.

His ruthless speech left Brittany devastated, who almost immediately dropped her face into her hands and began crying as the houseguests voted. She remained stunned after his exit, admitting his move to turn on her hurt her feelings because they had a close relationship since the beginning of the competition. When the Live Feeds returned after the episode, Brittany continued venting about the situation, sharing how “angry” it made her with Alyssa, Taylor, and Turner.

Brittany says Michael tried to apologize to her after his ruthless speech

According to the Texas-based hypnotherapist, he tried to apologize to her during a commercial break, but she was too shocked at the time to respond to him.

Following his eviction, Michael told host Julie Chen Moonves that he didn’t regret his hail mary, noting he would have regretted not doing so.

Back in the house, Brittany told Taylor that she never thought her closest ally would throw her under the bus like that and later shared with Turner that she considered Michael a friend while he appeared only to view her as a “pawn.”

She admitted that she allowed a relationship to “blind” her, noting she’s “angry” with the situation, not sad. Brittany clarified her feelings to Alyssa as she realized she “prioritized friendship over the game” and has since discovered that Michael didn’t.

Brittany explains why she made several alliances

The Texas native went more in-depth in a private conversation with the cameras, calling the double eviction the “worst case scenario.”

According to the houseguest, she planned to remain loyal to Michael until the end, regardless if others thought she had a plan or not. Brittany seemed to understand her ally’s move to campaign against her, admitting that she foolishly came into the house wanting to make friends while Michael wanted to win.

Regardless, Brittany hopes she found a “real friend” in Michael. She also defended her reasons for making several alliances last week, pointing out that he refused to listen to her about Turner targeting him.

Even though Michael knew Turner was coming after him, he didn’t backdoor him last week due to a deal they made when the Massachusetts native agreed to backdoor his final two partner Kyle Capener. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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