‘Big Brother 24’: Brittany ‘Totally Understands’ Nicole Franzel’s Reaction to Cody Calafiore Betrayal

Big Brother 24 frontrunner Michael Bruner went out during the double eviction, throwing his closest ally Brittany Hoopes under the bus in the process, devastating her. Afterward, she admitted the situation helped her understand Nicole Franzel’s reaction to Cody Calafiore betraying her in season 22.

Brittany Hoopes initially upset that Michael Bruner threw her under the bus

During the double eviction, Matt “Turner” won Head of Household and nominated Alyssa Snider and Brittany Hoopes for eviction. Monte Taylor secured the Power of Veto, ultimately guaranteeing Michael Bruner as a backdoor option.

Turner took the opportunity and nominated him alongside his closest ally. Michael went out swinging and threw Brittany under the bus by calling her out for spilling information and making final pacts with nearly all the remaining houseguests, promising he would not do the same and only target Monte and Turner.

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His plea devastated Brittany, who almost immediately started crying. When viewers checked back in with the houseguests after Michael talked to host Julie Chen Moonves, Brittany was still upset, admitting him turning on her hurt her feelings as they had a close relationship since the beginning.

Following the Head of Household competition, Brittany told Taylor she didn’t think he would pitch against her, assuming they would give up if they found themselves in that situation. Later talking to Turner, the Texas native noted she thought of Michael as a friend, whereas he only considered her a pawn.

Brittany wants the prize money to start a family

Additionally, she admitted she let “friendship blind me,” claiming she’s “angry,” not sad. She elaborated on her emotions with Alyssa, pointing out she “prioritized friendship over the game” but has since realized that Michael didn’t.

“I hope he regrets talking s— me,” she added. Brittany later let the viewers in on her mindset in a private conversation, speaking with the cameras. She called the double eviction the “worst case scenario,” admitting she planned to take Michael to the end, regardless of what others thought about it.

Brittany continued, noting she wanted to come on the show to make friends but now understands Big Brother probably isn’t the place for that.

Even so, the Texas native hopes she made a “real friend” in Michael. She pointed out that she had warned him about Turner targeting Michael during the double, but he didn’t listen, opting to go after Terrance instead. She then seemed to clarify her choices to make several other final two deals, noting she wants $40,000 to start a family.

Brittany understands Nicole Franzel’s reaction to Cody Calafiore betrayal

Brittany also said she now “totally understands” how important trust is and empathizes with Nicole Franzel’s emotional reaction to Cody Calafiore voting her out in season 22. “I used to think she was just being a brat. Sorry, Nicole, you were not a brat,” she apologized.

She also called Michael “a friend when no one else was” and revealed how much it hurts her feelings that others are distancing themselves from her, especially Taylor, as she expects the Michigan-based stylist to know how it feels.

During Big Brother 22: All-Stars, Nicole, and Cody teamed up from the beginning but went on to form other alliances. She chose him over Dani Briones, ultimately getting to the final three.

Cody assured her he would take her to the final two but went back on it during the finale, blindsiding her. She had an emotional reaction and admittedly struggled to get over it after the show. Even though Brittany got upset at the time, she has since understood Michael’s ruthless plea as a game move. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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