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Well, that didn’t take long. CBS released the Big Brother 24 cast list on July 5. And only hours after fans learned the identities of the houseguests, troubling allegations came out about one of the contestants. But for now, the houseguest will still make his way into the Big Brother house on premiere night.

Matthew Turner, who is a part of the 'Big Brother 24' cast, wears a black button-up shirt with red roses on it.
Matthew Turner | Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The ‘Big Brother 24’ cast includes Matthew Turner

The new Big Brother 24 houseguests include Matthew Turner — a 23-year-old thrift store owner from Massachusetts. And according to his cast bio, he goes by “Turner.”

During an interview with Parade, the houseguest previewed the twenty-fourth season.

“I mean, what I’m going for is an absolute competition beast,” Turner said. “But I think that I typically get underestimated due to my looks. I think I’m absolutely gonna run this game. But at first, rather than saying I’m a successful business owner, I’m gonna kind of fall into the artist fact, which I think feeds into my look. I think I’ll be perceived as someone who typically just floats around, not someone who has all their wits together.”

As for how the Big Brother 24 cast will perceive him, Turner explained, “I think I’m a bit of a handful sometimes. I mean, this whole thing I’m doing is kind of just how I live my life. So I think if anything, I’m a little bit worried that people might think I’m annoying or I’m trying too hard, or I’m a little too energetic 100% of the time. So I’m going to try to cool off. I get pretty excited and worked up. I’m gonna have to try and work on that for sure.”

Turner’s sister accuses him of ‘bullying’ and more following the ‘Big Brother 24’ cast reveal

Following the news that Turner was a part of the Big Brother 24 cast, Holly Turner, who claims to be the new houseguest’s sister, took to Twitter to make serious allegations against her brother.

She wrote in a lengthy Twitter thread:

“Just heard that my younger brother, Matt Turner, is on Big Brother this season. FYI: This kid bullied me my entire life. In 2020, when I was jobless and homeless, staying at my parents house for lack of a better place to go, he randomly showed up when he didn’t need to and manipulated my mother into kicking me out when he didn’t actually even need to be there. He has given me horrible, crippling anxiety from the way he has treated me and given me panic attacks that still haunt me to this day. He’s an absolute trash person and says the N word on the regular. He has been handed everything on a silver f**king platter his entire life while I got absolutely kicked to the curb and our mother let him do whatever he wanted at my expense. I tried to have heart-to-hearts with him about all this and he’s never ever ever cared or showed any remorse whatsoever. I can think of no scumbag on the planet who is less deserving of an opportunity like this. Also, FYI, as evidence for how big a piece of sh*t he is – if you don’t believe me, ask Mr. Beast. My brother was his employee and made up lies about him to try and cancel him to kickstart his own bullsh*t YouTube career. So do with this all what you will but given he now has a platform and gets to parade around in front of millions of people – on a show I adore – with his charming manipulation tactics that literally ruined my life, I felt like it deserved to be out there. He is not a f**king good person and it’s easy to fall for his bs. Please do not f**king believe it.”

Big Brother 24 hasn’t even premiered yet, and the cast is already causing trouble.

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‘Big Brother’ fans react to the allegations

After Holly Turner posted on Twitter, Big Brother 24 fans reacted to the allegations about the new cast member.

One person commented on Holly’s post, “If it helps, tons of people on my feed so far are getting bad vibes from him and want him out. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully people see this through his true personality in public too.”

Another fan wrote, “Why do they always cast problematic people?”

Others predicted that Turner might be the first person out of the game based on the allegations. But viewers will have to wait and see how he presents himself in the CBS reality competition series. As Julie Chen Moonves always says — expect the unexpected.

Big Brother 24 premieres on Wednesday, July 6, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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