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Big Brother returns with season 24 on July 6, 2022. Hosted by Julie Chen Moonves, BB24 reportedly features all-new houseguests. However, fans don’t know who will be competing for the $750,000 grand prize yet. CBS has released the cast reveal date.

CBS announces cast reveal date

After CBS confirmed Big Brother 24 would premiere on July 6, 2022, host Julie Chen Moonves uploaded a picture of herself to social media, where she teased “clues” for the upcoming season.

Wearing a floral print dress, the presenter has her hands on her hips as she looks up to the sky. Moonves is also standing outside on a sidewalk in an apparent neighborhood with several houses behind her.

Many viewers took to Reddit with their theories, and several believe that her head tilted toward the sky and hair pulled back in a ponytail hints at something. Others have noticed the houses in the background and wonder if the players must win an opening challenge to enter the BB house.

On June 30, a little over a week after the host posted a photo and shortly before the premiere, CBS announced the cast reveal date of Tuesday, July 5. Therefore, the viewers will only have one day to get acquainted with the cast before watching them compete for $750,000.

‘Big Brother 24’ likely features a live audience and move-in

Following Xavier Prather’s historic Big Brother 23 victory, Moonves confirmed the show would return for a 24th season. Casting director Jesse Tannenbaum, who cast for the previous season and Big Brother: Over the Top, resumed his duties for the upcoming season, featuring all-new houseguests.

Similar to last season, the group will compete for the $750,000 grand prize, which was increased by $250,000 for the first time in BB23.

The new season premieres live, resulting in a live move-in rather than a pre-recorded segment. Therefore, viewers won’t miss much when the Live Feeds are available, presumably several hours after the PST premiere.

Additionally, BB24 is expected to include live audiences, potentially at total capacity, for eviction nights. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, seasons 22, 23, and Celebrity Big Brother 3 could not feature the crowd.

‘Big Brother 24’ finale set in September 2022

Big Brother 24 will conclude on September 25, 2022, making the season 82 days long.

The first six seasons lasted for around 80 days before cutting it to 72 for season 7, the first All Star season. Big Brother increased the length of stay for seasons 8 and 9 before reducing it to 75 days for seasons 10-14.


‘Big Brother 24’ Will Be the Shortest Season Since ‘BB14’

The reality competition show incorporated the 90-day format for season 15, upped it to 97 for season 16, and maxed out at 99 days for seasons 18, 20, and 21.

The two most recent seasons, BB22 and BB23, lasted for 85 days. Therefore, with 82 days, season 24 is set to become the shortest season since BB14, which premiered a decade ago in 2012. Big Brother 24 airs on July 6, 2022, on CBS.