‘Big Brother 24’: Daniel Is ‘Pissed’ at the House but Makes a Final 2 Deal

Big Brother sometimes has an awkward start. Daniel Durston vented why he’s pissed on his second day in the house but makes progress in the game.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 24 live feeds on July 7, 2022.]  

Who became the ‘Big Brother 24’ HOH in week 1?

The season started fast with the cast being split into three waves. Each group randomly drew tickets which placed them somewhere in the game. Fans watched three different competitions and each winner competed in the final round for HOH. 

Daniel won and will get to put two people on the block this week. However, there are multiple houseguests who aren’t options for him.

Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli isn’t available because he’s the Backatage Boss this week. Paloma Aguilar, Alyssa Snider, and Brittany Hoopes were selected to go backstage with him which means they aren’t options either but are also in danger of going home. Fans can vote to save one of them on cbs.com/bbvote.

Daniel is ‘pissed’ no one is talking game with him on ‘Big Brother 24’

Joe 'Pooch' Picciarelli, Polama Aguilar, Alyssa Snider, and Brittany Hoopes
Joe ‘Pooch’ Picciarelli, Polama Aguilar, Alyssa Snider, and Brittany Hoopes | Photo: CBS

Daniel has the tough job of picking two people for the block this week. Since the live show, the house has mostly been getting to know each other in one big group. That makes it a lot harder to talk game and it’s getting to Daniel.

On July 7, he did have a good conversation with Nicole Layog in the storage room. Daniel told her that he knew her vibe immediately and wants to ride the game out with her. She said she usually feels like a fish out of water, but with him, she “instantly” connected. They agreed to talk later in the HOH room to get help with the week. “F*cking go all the way to the end,” he told her before leaving and she agreed. 

They reconnected later in the day and Daniel vented about the house in the HOH room. Nicole asked him if anyone has come to him yet. “Ameerah [Jones] is the only one. I’m pissed,” he told her. “Here’s the thing, I wanna talk game. First of all, you’re my number one I’m telling you right now. I will not stray.” He also said his talk with Ameerah didn’t involve an alliance. In the end, the final two Nicole and Daniel are going by the name “Rogue Rats” for now.

Who is Daniel considering putting on the block in week 1?


‘Big Brother 24’: What Is the Backstage Boss?

Ameerah told Daniel she’s cool with Paloma and Alyssa. Daniel agreed that he trusts Alyssa. He asked her about Indy Santos and Ameerah said she wasn’t sure if she could trust her and he agreed. He claimed Indy could be hard to trust with information because she’s “feisty.” 

Ameerah also said she wasn’t sure about Taylor Hale. Daniel said all of their conversations have been very “surface” and he’s had deeper conversations with other people already.

So things aren’t looking good for Indy and Taylor. But there’s always a chance things will change.

Daniel and Nicole talked about being suspicious of the bigger men who are Have-Nots this week. That includes Monte Taylor, Kyle Capener, Joseph Abdin, and Michael Bruner. They think they’re already working together since they spend so much time together and haven’t talked to them. So it’s possible a bigger threat will be on the block too.