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Big Brother fans picked their early favorite based on the cast’s preseason interviews. But one of them is in danger of going home, according to the Head of Household (HOH).

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 24 live feeds on July 8, 2022.]  

Who is HOH in week 1 of ‘Big Brother 24’?

The first episode showed the cast competing for Head of Household (HOH). Daniel Durston won, so he gets to nominate two people on the block.

However, there are multiple people he can’t nominate because of the backstage twist. Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli, Brittany Hoopes, Paloma Aguilar, and Alyssa Snider are all backstage. However, Brittany, Paloma, and Alyssa are still in danger of going home.  

Who was an early fan favorite in ‘Big Brother 24’?

Fans had to wait the day before the premiere for cast profiles. Many of them were impressed by Michael Bruner.

He told Us Weekly that he plans to take the person he could beat in front of the jury in the end. “If I hurt my best friend’s feelings by evicting them at third place, I’ll save my apologies for after the show,” the lawyer said. “But I came to play, and I came to win.”

Michael revealed he watched every season of Big Brother, including some international versions. His favorite player is Janelle Pierzina for her iconic moments and being a comp beast.

Many fans on Twitter started rooting for him because of this, including former houseguests. “Here is my draft pick. I struggled with him or Taylor but ultimately had to pick him. His game knowledge is too big of a threat. My money is on Michael #BB24,” Pierzina tweeted on July 5. 

“I haven’t had time to research the #BB24 cast yet, but apparently there is a smart, nerdy gay guy in a cat shirt who loves Renny???? Sorry but I *have* to make him my winner pick because he is apparently me????” Andy Herren, the winner of Big Brother 15, tweeted on July 5. Sadly, his game is off to a rocky start. 

Daniel might nominate Terrance and Michael

Daniel Durston put together a drum puzzle on stage on 'Big Brother 24'.
Daniel Durston on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Daniel is working closely with Pooch and Matt “Turner” Turner. They talked about who might be easy to pick off in week one on July 8. 

They talked about bringing Kyle Capener and Monte Taylor into their alliance while keeping the trio as the core group. But after they left the HOH room, Daniel talked to the cameras. “They seem like they’re legit,” he said. 

The HOH then talked about nominations. “Easiest way out might be Michael and Terrance [Higgins] on the block,” he said to himself. He then groaned and said he likes Terrance.

Michael did go to the HOH room to hang out with Daniel and Brittany yesterday. But he was very quiet. If he doesn’t turn things around, then he might go home.