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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 24 Week 4 Head of Household results and nominations.]

After Joseph Abdin realized Ameerah Jones masterminded Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli’s elimination during Big Brother 24 Week 3, it led to the creation of a formidable alliance and resulted in her backdoor. Following her eviction, the Houseguests faced off in the Head of Household competition, and a pair of Festie Besties were placed on the block. Who won HOH, and who are the nominees?

Matt ‘Turner’ backdoored Ameerah Jones leading to her eviction

When Matt “Turner” became Head of Household during Big Brother 24 Week 3, immediately following close ally Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli’s blindside, he had revenge on his mind.

After initially planning to go after house target Taylor Hale, he spoke with Joseph Abdin, Kyle Capener, and Monte Taylor, who revealed they believed Ameerah Jones masterminded Pooch’s eviction.

As the group considered her and her allies their biggest threat, they teamed up with “outsiders” Michael Bruner, Brittany Hoopes, and Taylor to form the Leftovers alliance.

Michael and Brittany won the Power of Veto, saving themselves from eviction. Turner backdoored Ameerah, and by default her Festie Bestie Terrance Higgins, and called out all the Houseguests for their treatment of Taylor in his renomination speech. With the numbers on their side, the Leftovers pulled it off, blindsiding her and her allies Alyssa Snider, Indy Santos, Jasmine Davis, and Nicole Layog.

Monte Taylor won Head of Household during ‘Big Brother 24’ Episode 11

Due to Ameerah’s elimination, Terrance had to join another duo, and he chose to go with “the guys,” Monte and Joseph.

Following her eviction, the Houseguests faced off in the next HOH competition. Based on the upcoming horror film The Invitation, the contestants, minus Turner, had to locate red invitations hidden inside envelopes.

The first eight players to find the invitation and claim their spot would then advance to the next stage. During episode 10’s broadcast, Jasmine, Brittany, and Terrance are the first three Houseguests to locate the invitation.

However, it’s later revealed that Monte won, becoming the HOH for Week 4 and keeping the power within the Leftovers alliance.

He will nominate Alyssa Snider and Indy Santos for eviction during ‘Big Brother 24’ Episode 11

Monte decided to nominate Alyssa and Indy for eviction, mainly as the duo includes members who aren’t paired up or affiliated with the Leftovers.

Additionally, Alyssa has emerged as one of the main components of the girls’ alliance, putting her as a target. However, he and the group have decided they want to backdoor Nicole this week, especially after her heated exchange with Taylor, which also involved Daniel Durston, her closest ally.


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Taylor plans to throw the Veto competition, similar to Nicole’s strategy last week when she wanted to get nominated, hoping her Bestie would get evicted, giving her a power.

If the duo still wins the Veto, then Alyssa is the target. However, if anyone but Nicole and Taylor wins, the former cop will follow her ally Ameerah out of the door. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.