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Before Michael Bruner used the Power of Veto during Big Brother 24 Week 8, the nominees Brittany Hoopes and Taylor Hale gave pleas for him to use it on them. However, the episode didn’t include them, annoying fans who wanted to hear Taylor’s speech as other houseguests described it as “moving.”

‘Big Brother 24’ episode excluded Taylor Hale’s ‘moving’ Power of Veto speech

Following the Split House twist, Matt “Turner” became the next Head of Household and decided to stick with the newly formed After Party over the established Leftovers.

He nominated Taylor Hale and Brittany Hoopes for eviction, with Michael Bruner as his actual target. However, Michael correctly sniffed it out and fought for the Power of Veto, winning.

Now safe from eviction, Michael shared Kyle Capener’s offensive pitch for the white houseguests to band together, assuming the players of color were already working together, in an effort to turn everyone against the Utah native.

Wanting to get everything out in the open, they held a house meeting where Kyle confessed his theory and attempted to explain his thought process behind it. The episode included the house meeting and the Power of Veto ceremony, where Michael saved his ally. However, it excluded their pleas. Apparently, Taylor delivered a speech that other houseguests described as “moving.”

Other houseguests accuse Michael of using Kyle Capener’s offensive pitch as game

After Michael and Brittany exposed Kyle’s plan, several players questioned their motives as they held onto the information for a couple of weeks.

The pair insisted it wasn’t game related and claimed they weren’t sure how to approach the situation. They also noted their separation during the Split House twist. When Michael first came to Turner with the information, the HOH admitted he found the timing convenient.

Following the Veto ceremony, Terrance Higgins and Monte Taylor also got suspicious, mainly when Michael chose to save Brittany over Taylor, as they thought the duo strategically held on to the information. Turner and Monte also talked about it, and the HOH questioned why Michael gave the Veto to Brittany after Taylor’s “moving” speech.

“I found that an interesting choice,” he admitted, without wanting to “dive into it deeper.” Some fans have noted that others might consider it performative if Michael were to save Taylor after the speech, as Brittany has been his closest ally throughout most of the game.

Monte Taylor is seemingly also using the situation for gameplay

Michael and Brittany have insisted they aren’t using Kyle’s Cookout 2.0 theory as gameplay, but it did benefit them.

Had they not revealed the information, Taylor would have gotten evicted as Turner repeatedly declared her his backup target after Michael saved himself. Therefore, exposing Kyle protected all three of them when they were going to lose an ally because they knew the houseguests wouldn’t want to be associated with his offensive pitch and flip on him.


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However, Monte’s also using the situation as a reason to target Michael, who he already considers the biggest threat remaining in the house. He’s pointed out the suspicious timing to Terrance, who agrees, and Taylor, who seemingly isn’t ready to turn on her close ally.

Regardless if Michael and Monte are using Kyle’s pitch for their game, it still should have been exposed. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.