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Big Brother 24 is winding down, but deals are still being made. However, one went horribly wrong, and some fans are mad at Monte Taylor.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds on Sept. 11, 2022.] 

Monte shuts Brittany down on ‘Big Brother 24’ live feeds

On Sept. 11, Monte, Brittany Hoopes, and Taylor Hale talked in the Head of Household room. Brittany and Taylor were hoping to convince Monte to agree to work with them and put Matt “Turner” on the block instead.

Brittany pushed for him to do this as a sign of trust. But Monte gave multiple reasons for why he didn’t trust her.

One is that he believes she made a final two with Turner, the second is how she mishandled the timing of exposing Kyle Capener, and third is how she threatened him with her vote earlier, and the fourth is how she talked about her reason to get to the end.

“Whether it be you mentioning that, you know, second place would be fine because you only need a certain amount for you to go through with the things you need to go through for your childbirth,” he said. “Which I respect 100 percent, but then to bring that personal stuff into a conversation about game just doesn’t feel appropriate to me, to be honest.” 

Some fans are angry with Monte after his talk with Brittany

Live feed fans had a lot to say about the tense conversation. Some Reddit fans called Monte misogynistic.

“I feel kinda bugged by Monte and Turner. It feels pretty low to say that Brittany was being emotionally manipulative or ‘disgusting’ about her talking about wanting the money for fertility treatments to start a family, especially when Monte was asking everyone what they’d do with the money,” someone wrote.

“Monte can say he’s using the money to help his parents (family), but Brittany can’t say she’s using the money for her family,” one fan commented. “Monte so clearly has a lot of misogynistic views and it’s so glaring. Brittany definitely picks up on it a couple of times. Taylor notices it and works around it for her game advantage, and has no interest in him.”

“Their comments were just wrong,” another person agreed.

“People have used illness, their kids, all sorts of personal reasons to need the money. That is all fair game,” one fan mentioned.

Some fans debated if Brittany was using her plan to make it further in the game. “She is using that for game,” one person claimed. “It’s not like she only mentioned once that she’s playing to get money to adopt. It’s no different than someone talking about how they want the money because they’re poor. & Most of us think both examples are using your unfortunate life situation to get in-game sympathy. We don’t have to like it.”

Another fan pushed back on this. “How is she using it for game?” someone asked. “She mentioned in for the first time late in the game. She was ASKED about it. It’s not like she’s going around crying about being infertile. It really shows Monte’s hypocrisy… why can he say he wants the money to help his family but Britt can’t. Nobody said anything last season when Xavier [Prather] said he wanted the money to help his nephew. Someone sharing an unfortunate thing about their life isn’t game, it’s personal.”

Monte lost Brittany’s vote

Monte Taylor sits on the HOH bed and Brittany Hoopes talks to him on the sofa on 'Big Brother 24'.
Monte Taylor and Brittany Hoopes on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

‘Big Brother 24’: Terrance on Calling Taylor a ‘Sellout’ and Tanking Brittany With the Jury

Brittany won Power of Veto, so she’s safe after Monte nominated her. After their conversation, Brittany talked about not wanting to vote for him to win. 

Monte plans to put Taylor on the block to keep Turner safe this week. But he wants Alyssa Snider evicted. Fans will have to wait and see if Brittany sticks to that plan.

If Brittany wins Head of Household next week, she’ll more likely put Turner and Monte on the block. Turner isn’t her closest ally since he spread the rumor that she made a final two deal with him, which isn’t exactly true. She talked about them protecting each other since they don’t have strong jury management. But she might keep him over Monte now.