‘Big Brother 24’ Fans Feel ‘so Bad’ for Taylor, Call Monte ‘Arrogant’

Big Brother 24 fans watched a second breakup play out. Find out why fans feel bad for Taylor Hale after her talk with Monte Taylor.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds on Sept. 18, 2022.] 

Monte distances himself from Taylor on ‘Big Brother 24’

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Fans were shocked to find out Monte and Taylor started hooking up last week. But it looks like the enemies to lovers are back to enemies.

On Sept. 18, Brittany Hoopes, Matt “Turner,” Taylor, and Monte were hanging out in the HOH room. Monte had headphones on, and Taylor thought he was listening to her music. But when he started snoring, so she pulled the headphones off his head and woke him up.

Monte complained about this to Turner. He moved his stuff out of the HOH room and later talked to Taylor about his feelings.

Monte claimed Taylor condescendingly talked to him to “belittle” him. He claimed everyone turning on Taylor earlier in the season didn’t “come out of thin air.” He admitted Paloma Aguilar lied, and Daniel Durston took things to a whole other level. But he wonders why their initial negative impression of her was happening with multiple people.

Taylor apologized to Monte. The conversation ended with Monte and Taylor agreeing they might have moved too fast with getting physical. They decided to take a step back to get to know each other more.

‘Big Brother 24’ fans feel bad for Taylor after their breakup

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Fans had a lot to say about the conversation on Reddit. “I feel so bad for Taylor, this is so gross, he needs help and therapist. I really hope he takes her to final 2 and she beats his a** and never speaks to this man ever again,” one fan wrote.

“Soooo, Taylor can’t react in any way to anything unless it fits Monte’s mold. And that’s her character at fault. But, his entire response to a human being changed because he ‘felt disrespected’ for 10 seconds. Got it. Oh, I totally got it,” another person added.

“No wonder this guy is single. Arrogant as hell,” someone claimed.

“Taylor has to win f3 hoh and cut his a**. I cant have Monte being rewarded for his arrogance & misogyny,” one person hoped.

“The number of times Taylor has been emotionally abused in this house is so f***ed up. This is so hard to watch,” someone commented.

“Monte is so condescending holy sh*t. Poor Taylor,” someone else wrote.

How the breakup could affect the final 2

Taylor Hale stands in a red dress on 'Big Brother 24'.
Taylor Hale on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

It looked like the showmance changed Taylor and Monte’s final two plans to take each other to the end. It’s unclear if the breakup means they might take Turner instead.

Monte didn’t tell Turner that he was still taking him to the end. Taylor is still focused on getting Monte to agree to keep Brittany this week.

Fans will have to wait and see if there are any more fall out from the situation. But Taylor and Monte may still take each other to the end.

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