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Big Brother fans had a big question for part of the season. That was if Jasmine Davis was milking her injury. They finally got their answer on this eviction night.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode on Aug. 25, 2022.] 

Jasmine admits to playing up her limp on ‘Big Brother 24’

Jasmine previously got injured while competing in a Head of Household competition. She sprained her ankle and used to move with a scooter, then a crutch, and recently hasn’t been using any aides to walk.

Some fans have wondered if she was milking her injury in the house. The Aug. 25 episode showed Jasmine on the block next to Monte Taylor. She hoped to play down her threat level next to him using her injury.

“Am I still injured? Yes,” Jasmine said in the diary room. “Am I playing it up just a teeny weeny bit? Maybe so.” She went back to limping. “If I have to fake limp myself all the way to that $750,000, then bet ya bottom dollar I’m gonna do it.”

It didn’t work. She was evicted with all two votes this week.

Fans joke about Jasmine’s limp and think she paid homage to a ‘Big Brother’ alum

Fans had strong reactions to Jasmine in this episode. One of them tweeted a video of Jasmine’s exit from the house and wrote, “Jasmine’s ankle has been healed miraculously! Thanks be to Julie God. #bb24.”

Reddit fans also had a lot to say about her smooth exit. “​​ITS A MIRACLE! SHE’S HEALED! PRAISE CHEEZUS!” one fan wrote.

“The limp and accent suddenly going away is sending me,” another person commented.

“So she went from sprained ankle to running in heels?” asked a commenter.

“Not a single limp out the door” someone else noted.

Jasmine noticeably opened the door, and her jaw dropped. It was very similar to Da’Vonne Rogers’ famous exit. Some fans commented on that. “She tried to do that Da’vonne walk,” one Reddit fan pointed out.

How does Jasmine feel about the remaining houseguests?

Monte Taylor and Jasmine Davis sit next to each other on the block on 'Big Brother 24'.
Monte Taylor and Jasmine Davis on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

‘Big Brother 24’: Alyssa Agrees to Give up to Follow Kyle to Jury

Jasmine said she felt most betrayed by Alyssa Snider because she told other people about their alliances together. Michael Bruner outed The Leftovers alliance to her in his goodbye message and said she had to go because she was the strongest social and strategic player on her side of the house. She seemed complimented by this.

Brittany Hoopes also talked about the alliance, but Jasmine rolled her eyes during her message. Taylor Hale mentioned not wanting to put a Black woman on the block and stood by that. Jasmine seemed happy about this.

She told Julie Chen Moonves that she really loves Michael. If he makes it to the end, he will probably get her vote.