‘Big Brother 24’ Fans Notice 1 Houseguest Purposely Avoided a Night 1 Curse

Big Brother fans can be very superstitious. It’s believed that there are multiple curses in the game because of the track record of who won in the past. So fans were excited to see how one superfan avoided a night one curse in season 24.

[SPOILER ALERT: Major spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode that aired on July 6, 2022.]  

Which ‘Big Brother 24’ houseguest entered the house first?

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There is a belief that there’s a curse on the first person to enter the Big Brother house. That person won’t win after doing so. The problem is houseguests usually enter the house in waves, and they have no clue if they’re the first ones, but Michael Burner got around this.

He was on the stage with Taylor Hale, Daniel Durston, and Alyssa Snider. Michael was closest to the door so it would make sense for him to go in first. But he opens it and Taylor walks through instead. He then playfully gestured to the camera.

That still doesn’t mean Taylor is cursed. The first wave of houseguests was Jasmine Davis, Kyle Capener, Paloma Aguilar, and Monte Taylor. Kyle was the first one to enter the house.

‘Big Brother 24’ fans noticed Michael Burner avoided going into the house first 


Fans seemed impressed by Michael’s subtle move on Reddit. “He’s going to give us MOMENTS. I can feel it in my bones,” one fan claimed.

“This was the highlight of the night,” another person claimed.

“They tried to set him up, but he didn’t fall for it,” someone added.

“Lmao KING. When Kyle walked in first I was like WELP,” a fan commented.

“Smart man. Now that is a true super fan knowing the first in curse,” one person wrote.

Some ‘Big Brother’ alums are cheering for Michael Burner 


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Fans aren’t the only ones who are impressed by Michael’s knowledge from his preseason interviews. Houseguests from previous seasons have also noticed him.

Janelle Pierzina tweeted, “Here is my draft pick. I struggled with him or Taylor but ultimately had to pick him. His game knowledge is too big of a threat. My money is on Michael #BB24.”

Andy Herren tweeted, “Michael reminds me a lot of myself but he might be a little too smart. I’m no MENSA member, which I think worked in my favor. It was relatively easy for my pea brain to relate to others whereas I feel like really, really smart people are often pretty bad at this. #BB24.”

It looks like Michael is already impressing fans, but time will tell how his fellow houseguests will feel about him. He at least doesn’t have to worry about the curse.