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There is one rule to playing Big Brother, and that’s to stay off the block. So fans and houseguests strongly reacted to Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli offering to put his game in danger.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode that aired on July 17, 2022.]

Who won week 2 Head of Household on ‘Big Brother 24’?

The last episode ended with the Head of Household (HOH) competition taking a break due to Jasmine Davis twisting her ankle. The July 17 episode showed Jasmine sprained her ankle and is using crutches. But she moved forward in the HOH competition and won.

This was good news for most people in the house. Many houseguests still wanted to target Taylor Hale after the dramatic first week. But it looks like Taylor might be safe another week.

Pooch offers to go on the block on ‘Big Brother 24’

“It’s in the best interest of myself and the house to get Taylor out of the game right now,” Pooch said in the diary room. “And the best way to do that is put myself up as a pawn. Taylor is a really strong competitor. So if Taylor goes on the block, she’ll definitely be playing for the veto. If I go on the block against someone like Brittany, Taylor doesn’t have a chance to win that veto. There’s no point to give her a reason to save herself when we don’t need to.”

The assistant coach told Alyssa Snider about this plan. She immediately knew what a mistake this was for Pooch’s game, although she agreed to it with him.

“Being a superfan of Big Brother, the number one rule is never volunteer as a pawn,” Alyssa said in the diary room. “Pooch, you’re talking about putting yourself on the block this week? How are you gonna make this dumb of a move this early in the game? This is a dumb move. This is a dumb move!”

Pooch told other houseguests about this plan, and so did Alyssa. Ameerah Jones was very excited at the opportunity to get out Pooch so early in the game.

‘Big Brother 24’ fans react to Pooch’s ‘rookie’ move

Joe 'Pooch' Pucciarelli from 'Big Brother' 24
Joe’ Pooch’ Pucciarelli from ‘Big Brother’ 24 | CBS

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It’s not surprising that Reddit fans agreed with Alyssa. “Pooch wants to put himself up in some elaborate, cockamamie plan just to take out Taylor, the easiest, bloodless target in the house. Make it make sense,” one fan commented.

“If this doesn’t end up biting Pooch in the pooch it will be disappointing,” someone else wrote.

“Pooch must’ve hung out with Marvin pre-show,” one person joked.

A person claimed, “pooch the dummy digging his hole.”

“Pooch offering to go up as a pawn? That’s a rookie mistake,” another fan wrote.

The episode ended with Jasmine nominating Taylor and Pooch on the block. Both of them think they’re pawns. But Pooch might get blindsided and go home.