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Big Brother 24 had betrayals and blindsides earlier this season. Brittany Hoopes is hoping for one more against her ally Taylor Hale. Here is why some fans are rooting for her to win.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds on Sept. 15, 2022.] 

Brittany plans to betray Taylor for Alyssa

Brittany Hoopes and Taylor Hale, who are likely safe during week nine of 'Big Brother 24'
Brittany Hoopes and Taylor Hale | Photo: CBS

This week Taylor has been spending more time with Monte Taylor and Matt “Turner.” They even made a final three deal. However, Taylor says she’d rather go to the end with Brittany since that’s a better chance to win.

However, Brittany feels like the whole house is against her. She came up with a plan where she’ll vote to evict Taylor. Then she and Alyssa Snider can try to convince Turner to throw Alyssa a sympathy vote for her to stay.

On Sept. 15, Alyssa and Brittany talked about it. Brittany told her that Turner said he wasn’t going to tell Alyssa that he was voting against her. The hypnotherapist also said Turner was pissed off at Alyssa for saying they won’t be friends if he votes her out. Brittany said Turner could be lying to her, so she’s sticking with voting out Taylor.

“You have my vote no matter what,” Brittany told Alyssa. “For all the reasons I outlined. But also because we don’t know where he’s at. So if he does it, then it’s done.” She said it’s fine they can come after her next week.

Some fans want Brittany to win ‘Big Brother 24’

People who are watching live feeds are reacting on Reddit. Some are happy that Brittany isn’t giving up.

“To be honest, Britney flipping on Taylor should’ve been obvious. She was always willing to lose to Micheal, but never willing to lose to Taylor,” one person mentioned.

“Brittany is such a fun wishy washy disaster of a player. Like I appreciate her hustle even if she has no way of being effective at it and has the social subtlety of a Mac truck. She’s such a good character for this season and I am glad we got her for so long,” one fan commented.

“Honestly I want a brittany win. I feel like that’s what this season deserves,” one person wrote. “I would honestly expect nothing less from this chaotic mess of a season,” another fan replied.

“I don’t think Brittany would be doing any of this if Monte could’ve just kept his mouth shut. She wants this blood to be fully on his hands, and I honestly don’t fault her for it,” someone else added.

“Yes she is def doing this so it looks like the egg is on Monte’s face,” another person agreed.

Will Taylor take Brittany back if she stays?


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Taylor seems OK to sit aside her personal feelings for the game. She previously wanted Monte to take the shot at Michael Bruner for anyone else to have a chance at winning despite having a final three deal with him.

Taylor also noticed Brittany might be betraying her last week. But she made it clear she needed Brittany to win and didn’t care if the hypnotherapist wasn’t loyal to her. So it looks like Taylor and Brittany might survive this if either of them wins next week. But Taylor has to survive the vote between her and Alyssa first.