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Big Brother 24 included the first tie vote, requiring the Head of Household to break it, in five seasons, excluding the Celebrity spinoffs, last occurring in season 19 with Josh Martinez sending home Alex Ow.

Big Brother 24 has featured several firsts, including the Backstage Boss twist, which ended up getting canceled due to Paloma Aguilar’s self-eviction, the Split House Double Eviction, and Michael Bruner breaking the 16-year record for most Power of Veto wins in a single season.

It also included the first tie vote, requiring the Head of Household to break it and send someone home, in five seasons as HOH Monte Taylor cast the deciding vote against Alyssa Snider.

‘Big Brother 24’ tie vote sent home Alyssa Snider

Following Michael Bruner’s iconic exit during the second half of the Week 9 Double Eviction, the houseguests faced off for the next HOH.

Monte walked away with it and chose to nominate Alyssa alongside Brittany Hoopes, with the latter as his target. When Brittany saved herself with the Veto, it put Monte in a tough spot as he had to choose between allies to put up as a replacement: Taylor Hale or Matt “Turner.”

Wanting to protect Turner and not trusting Brittany or Alyssa to vote to keep him, Monte backdoored Taylor. Even though Brittany tried to flip the vote at the last second to send ally Taylor packing, Turner stuck with his promise to Monte that he would keep the Michigan-based stylist in exchange for protection.

With each voting to keep the other, it forced Monte to get dirt on his hands by having to break a tie. He chose to evict Alyssa, keeping Taylor, with whom he has a budding romantic relationship, making her the seventh juror.

The last tie vote happened in ‘Big Brother 19’

During Big Brother 19 Week 1, HOH Cody Nickson nominated Alex Ow, but she saved herself with a clutch Power of Veto win. Regardless, she found herself on the block again the following week but stayed in the house as Cody presented a larger threat than her.

The next week, Alex won HOH and got her revenge on Jessica Graf, nominating the other half of Cody’s showmance. She went on to win a couple more HOHs before hitting the block in back-to-back weeks.


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During the Double Eviction, her closest ally Jason Dent got blindsided, leaving her on the wrong side of the numbers. She saved herself with another clutch victory but immediately found herself nominated.

Paul Abrahamian, who Alex thought worked with her, won the Veto but proved his loyalty to others by not saving her. Christmas Abbott voted to evict her while Paul cast a sympathy vote for Kevin Schlehuber, creating a tie. Eventual winner Josh Martinez broke it against Alex and in favor of Kevin, making her the seventh juror as well. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.