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At the beginning of Big Brother 24, most houseguests immediately ostracized Taylor Hale, who went on to historically win the game. Following the season, she has hung out with several castmates, including fling Joseph Abdin, third-place finisher Matt “Turner,” and Indy Santos. However, many fans called out the latter for her treatment of Taylor during the competition. Indy has since apologized for her “ugly” behavior and noted she’s already had the conversation with Taylor, who’s apparently forgiven her.

Viewers called out Indy Santos over her treatment of Taylor Hale

When Big Brother 24 first began, Paloma Aguilar didn’t consider Taylor Hale a “girl’s girl” because she appeared to align with the guys first.

Paloma formed an all-girl alliance without Nicole Layog or Taylor and planned to target the latter. As a close ally of Paloma’s before her self-eviction, Indy Santos appeared to have similar beliefs about Taylor.

She chimed in when others talked negatively about Taylor, and many fans called her out for participating in bullying the Michigan-based pageant queen.

Following the season, Taylor apparently forgives Indy as the two have hung out and joked online with each other. Regardless, viewers wanted her to answer for her behavior, which Indy did several times on social media. Replying to a fan on Instagram, she explained she’s already had a conversation about the nasty things she said with Taylor.

Indy owned up to her ‘ugly’ behavior in an Instagram comment section

The Brazilian flight attendant reminded the fan that she isn’t “perfect” and hopes her future behavior would prove herself.

In another comment, Indy admitted she had “no excuse” for her “ugly” actions and is apologetic for how she acted. The reality star claimed she “regrets” her words and has already apologized to Taylor. “I hope you all can see me as a human,” she closed.

Alongside Ameerah Jones, Jasmine Davis, and Alyssa Snider, the flight attendant frequently made hostile and rude comments about Taylor.

It upset fans who felt CBS should have intervened, classifying the actions as bullying. For example, one conversation revolved around Indy wanting to throw hot soup on Taylor for talking about how it tasted while she was on slop.

Taylor revealed why Indy’s comment about throwing hot soup on her hurt her feelings

The comment made its rounds to Taylor, who repeated it to Leftover ally Kyle Capener. During her last week in the house, the Michigan-based pageant queen admitted the remark hurt her feelings.

After advancing to the final three with Monte Taylor and Matt “Turner,” the group hung out in the kitchen as they prepared for dinner.


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As Monte handled the boiling water, she shared a “traumatizing” childhood incident that unexpectedly resurfaced when Indy commented on wanting to throw hot soup on her.

Taylor explained she spilled boiling water on herself around the age of two, resulting in permanent burns on her stomach and arms. Although Taylor doesn’t personally remember the event, she noted how much it affected their family as it’s difficult for them to discuss. Therefore, the hot soup comment hurt her feelings more than she anticipated.