‘Big Brother 24’: Indy Reacts to Michael’s Explosive Message and the House Choosing Taylor Over Her

Big Brother 24 has reached the jury phase of the game. Showbiz Cheat Sheet sent questions to Indy Santos about her time in the game and received her answers on Aug. 19 over Zoom.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode on Aug. 18, 2022.]

Indy on her behavior in the ‘Big Brother 24’ house affecting her social game

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Q: You were quick to let other houseguests know how you felt. Were you ever worried that your behavior might think your social game?

Indy Santos: I never worried about my behavior, my feelings, or the way that I expressed myself to be–to ruin my social game. Because I believe that at the end of the day, it’s a live show. So it’s who I truly am. It’s going to like be, how can I say? It’s going to–it’s going to be revealed.

So I don’t think I like be happy or I would be proud of myself at the end of the day if I could get the money, the prize but I didn’t be, I didn’t be myself. You know, I was not myself. I didn’t give my best, or I didn’t give my feedback, or I didn’t, you know, if I was not honest to me first and then to the others.

So I believe that’s how I live my life. I, I don’t think I’d do that in a hurtful way. I, I don’t, I don’t mind to hurt people when I speak how I feel. I always give opportunity to people to tell me how they feel. I hope so. I hope that’s the job that I’m doing. And I hope that’s a good job communication. And if that costs my life in the game, it is what it is. I will always be really honest to me and to the others.

Does Indy regret not trying harder with Taylor?

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Q: In a way, you knew your game would come down between you or Taylor. You told Joseph [Abdin], Alyssa [Snider], Jasmine [Davis], and Michael that if Taylor stays, she will win this game, and you’ll be out because of her. So they have to choose between you and her. How do you feel knowing some of those people chose her?

Indy Santos: Right now. I feel really OK about it. I really think that since she had like this huge alliance and I really think, like, she’s doing a pretty good game. She’s being pretty good about what she’s doing. So I kind of knew that she was going to the end, you know, if she stayed. So that was my–my feelings, and that was my feeling in my heart. I don’t feel bad because I still want, like, the girl should make [it] all the way to the end of the game and, I don’t know, maybe get the big prize. I feel that maybe I was talking to, like, my intuition and my heart was the one who was speaking to me.

Q: It seemed like you didn’t like Taylor. Why was that? And do you wish you had approached that relationship differently?

Indy Santos smiles in a pink punk outfit on the stage of 'Big Brother 24'.
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Indy Santos: There was never a thing that I didn’t like Taylor. And when you get in a house with 50 different people that you have no idea who they are, and you were there 24/7. It’s a lot. So there will be people that you connect [with] right away. There will be people that are going to connect in three months. There will be people that you connect [with] in one year, and there will be people that you’ve never gonna connect with.

So I didn’t feel a connection with Taylor in the first week. Even that, I always defended her. I always tried to be honest with her. I always spoke to her like I gave her the opportunity and gave myself the opportunity to get to know each other, to listen to each other. I was always very honest to her, and I always had her back, even if she was not part of my closest friends or close like alliances. So I made peace about that. And I wish that I would approach our relationship in a different way. I really believe that they put both of us in the house to become best friends.

I think we had a pretty good last week. Like our last week was the best. I could feel her love for me, and I could give her my trust and my love even if I was out of the house on her HOH. I don’t hold that back. I’m really proud of her game. I’m really proud of whatever she’s doing. And that’s it. That was never like I did not like Taylor. I’d never say that. Or even, like, was against her. It was literally the opposite. Every time that I felt that it was not connecting with her or that I had, like, an issue with her. I always approach her, and I always gave–I always gave myself an opportunity to listen to her and to tell her my opinion about my feelings.

How does Indy feel about Michael’s explosive goodbye message?

Q: You said you want the person to win to be an honest person. Does Michael’s goodbye message outing his alliance put him as an honest person in your eyes? Or a liar?

Indy Santos: It’s really like in the middle a bit. I believe that even if he lied to me…he gave me the best that he could, you know. Better than other people that were “telling me the truth” or telling me that and I’m not voting for you or judging me or pushing me to the edge just say that like I was wrong or I did these and I did that, and I did that. I really think he is still an honest person, and I really hope that he can survive in this game.

This interview has been edited and condensed for this article.

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