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Big Brother had its first double eviction leading to a Southern houseguest going to the jury. Showbiz Cheat Sheet sent questions to Jasmine Davis about her time in the game and received her answers on Aug. 26 over Zoom.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode on Aug. 25, 2022.] 

Jasmine Davis on using sympathy to stay in the house

Q: It seemed like a major aspect of your gameplay was using sympathy. This came up with you recovering from your sprain by having people who you weren’t on good terms with, like Taylor [Hale], cook for you. You asked for more time before going on slop because of your sprain. Even if that meant Michael [Bruner] would be on slop for his birthday. Then you told people you wanted to stay in the house for your birthday. Was any of this conscious game strategy, or is this just your natural interactions with houseguests?

Jasmine: It was definitely my natural interactions with houseguests. I always want to celebrate my birthday in the house, not only for myself but for my father. We share a birthday, and we always, always used to talk about possibly playing the game one day. And that if it was around my birthday, then, oh my gosh, I would get to celebrate a birthday in the Big Brother house.

And so, with this being a birthday turning 30 as well as my first birthday without my father, it was very monumental to me to celebrate my birthday in the Big Brother house. So, you know, those were just natural interactions.

Some people wanted to be nice and, you know, cook for me and just help me out. I’m a very independent person, and it was actually a big struggle for me to allow people to do stuff for me. So it wasn’t about sympathy in the beginning. It was more towards the end where I was like, ‘Well, let me just milk this out as long as I can at the end because I saw how people or houseguests were reacting to me.’ But no, it was–it was all just natural for me.

Does Jasmine really want Turner to lose?

Q: You told everyone in the house to please not let [Matt] Turner win. How serious are you about that, and why?

Jasmine: I will say that I think my emotions were very high when I was talking to a few of the houseguests in my last week. Simply because it was a lot being put on me, and I already knew that, you know, it wasn’t looking good for me.

I would say if he has the best game after the season has played out, then I definitely think that if they think it’s best for him to win and they should definitely make that judgment call on their own. So I think a lot of it was emotion, but at the end of the day, I love Big Brother, and I love the game, and I think that the best player should win.

Jasmine on having Taylor’s protection in the game

Q: Your game was comparable to Christmas Abbott, who also got hurt during the season and had to use the scooter. She made it to third place because people wanted to drag along an injured player for competitions. Do you think there is anything you could have done differently to follow that same path?

Jasmine: No, I just don’t think it’s in me to basically try to, you know, not go hard if I can. I think that even while I was injured, I was able to win. I won a HOH, basically two comps to win HOH to kind of show people I guess I may be injured, but I still have a lot of fight in me. I would have not wanted to be completely dragged until the entire end without doing anything. So I don’t know. I mean, I’m kind of glad people didn’t because it made me feel like I had to play this game, and I couldn’t just float by until the end.

Jasmine Davis smiles wearing a red, pink. and purple suit on 'Big Brother 24'.
Jasmine Davis on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Q: Taylor made it known she didn’t want to target other Black women in the house. You didn’t feel the same way because you did put Taylor on the block and refused to work with her. What went through your mind knowing you had this kind of loyalty from someone in the house and they were making it known to other houseguests? Was this a good thing or a bad thing?

Jasmine: I don’t necessarily think it was a good or bad thing. I think that you know, I wish Taylor would have been more vocal coming into the house and also would have tried to spend more time with just the girls in general. When we had a regular conversation, powwows and stuff like that, I would have been able to get to know her, but she did often opt to go hang with the guys, so I just didn’t know what her strategy was moving forward in that game.

But also, I knew because of last season, I had to play my cards correctly, and I did not want to come off like I was only protecting Black people in the game, to be completely honest. And so in order for me to move my game further, I needed to make sure that it was clear that, ‘Hey, you know, this is a possibility. I have a level game and, you know, I could play this game just like y’all can. And it’s not the same as last season.’ However, I did not put her on the block, knowing that she would go home. I knew that I had the votes to get out my real target, which was [Joe] Pooch [Pucciarelli] at the time. So, you know, I really hate that we couldn’t have bonded a little bit earlier in the season because I do think she’s a fantastic, amazing black woman, and I really appreciate her being loyal to me. But I just think we had different game strategies coming in.

This interview has been edited and condensed for this article.

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