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Big Brother introduced Dyre Fest, and one houseguest didn’t make it back to the house. Showbiz Cheat Sheet sent questions to Joseph Abdin about his time in the game and received his answers on Aug. 26 over Zoom.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode on Aug. 25, 2022.] 

Did Joseph Abdin plan to stay loyal to The Pound?

Q: If you had reached to the seven with The Leftovers, would you have stayed true to The Pound? Or would you have cut someone loose for another ally?

Joseph: Probably would have stayed true to The Pound based on people’s trustworthiness. Obviously, that clearly changes throughout the game, and I think I would have because those four seemed initially to not be grouping in together and that I was there for that initial construction. So I probably would have stayed true to them all the way through.

Q: You told Terrance [Higgins] and Kyle [Capener] all of the information you collected on Taylor [Hale] and her allies before the eviction to save yourself. Did you consider if this might help or hurt the ones who were loyal to you?

Joseph: I absolutely considered it. And there’s nothing that I said that Kyle or [Matt] Turner didn’t already know. And since Kyle was already on that betraying spree, I tried to get ahead of it, but I actually knew a lot more that I did not disclose on the off chance that this did happen. I was evicted, and Kyle didn’t go in the house. Anything I disclosed about Monte [Taylor] or any of the other remaining leftovers was information that Kyle already had and was bound to release if he already didn’t.

Does Joseph regret changing Taylor’s target from Terrance?

Q: Taylor wanted to go after Terrance during her show. Many people got into her ear, including you, to change that plan. You even pitched yourself to go on the block next to Indy [Santos]. If you could go back to last week. Would you have done anything differently?

Joseph: I would have probably reconsidered Terrance versus Indy in threats. I would have not underestimated Terrance so much. And I wish I did think that decision thoroughly. But I know my relationship with Indy was a heavy concern, and at some point in the game, I was going to have to vote against her, and she wasn’t a part of my alliance. So I wouldn’t say I necessarily regret it from that aspect. I just wished I reanalyzed them as players better. But I had to send Indy home at some point. That’s what the majority want it to go with–I–it wouldn’t have been a good decision for me to push back, knowing how close I am with her.

Joseph Abdin wears a tank top and gold chain outside on 'Big Brother 24'.
Joseph Abdin on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Q: You mentioned that you watched last season, which showed an alliance making it to the end together, which is a rarity in Big Brother. Do you think if you watched more seasons, you would have a less loyal perspective on playing Big Brother?

Joseph: No, because regardless of what happened in other seasons, including last season I was here now, and I had a goal. I had an initiative that I wanted to make work that I was motivated by from last season’s, regardless of what was going on in other seasons. I wanted to accomplish this goal and I really worked hard in trying to do it. But I was unable to do it, and it was unfortunate that I couldn’t. But I think even with more Big Brother under my belt, I maybe would have still just worked a little smarter in trying to achieve the goal, not necessarily abandon it.

How Joseph felt closer to Taylor in his last week


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Q: You previously told Taylor you wouldn’t be able to handle being on the outs or on the block as well as her. In your interview with Julie [Chen Moonves], you said you felt closer to her this week through this experience. Do you think you took anything from watching how Taylor handled the block to help you through this week?

Joseph: I absolutely did that entire week in the yard I absolutely felt isolated. I felt out of the loop, and I felt the risk to my game. You know, characteristics Taylor has felt in the first two weeks as well as, you know, I think that was just emphasized entirely with me sleeping with the bugs, mosquitoes, wet sleeping bag, not eating accurately in the direct sunlight consistently.

So it did add a lot of pressure to being on the block. And I definitely did recall back to Taylor a couple times and recalling her composure and how she handled it well. And I just, you know, tried to maintain that as well.

This interview has been edited and condensed for this article.

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