‘Big Brother 24’: Joseph Talks Supporting Taylor and Her ‘Healing Process’

Taylor Hale continues to stay close to Joseph Abdin after her victory. Joseph talked about supporting his friend and her healing process after Big Brother 24.

Taylor and Joseph reunited at the ‘Big Brother 24’ finale

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Taylor and Joseph were separated through the split house twist. Joseph was evicted, and she couldn’t say goodbye to him. So the first time they reunited was at the finale. 

Joseph addressed whether he really tried to blow up her game before his eviction. He claimed he tried to distance himself from his allies in The Leftovers after Kyle Capener outed their alliance. That included revealing Taylor wanted a final three with him and Brittany Hoopes.

Taylor playfully said they needed to get drinks together later and have a talk. She has since confirmed they had those drinks.

How Joseph is supporting Taylor with her healing process after ‘Big Brother 24’

Joseph Abdin sits in the 'Big Brother 24' living room looking up at Pooch.
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Joseph and Taylor continue to spend time together after the season. They went to a premiere event for The Real Love Boat, where he talked to Us Weekly about supporting the winner.

“The best thing I want to do is support her. So whatever she wants from me and however I can help her, and whatever her healing process needs to be, I want to do that for her,” he explained. “She won Big Brother for a reason. The fact that she won, I think, speaks volumes. She’s a great judge of character and she’s so empathetic. She’s honestly a role model to me. That’s why I have so much respect and love for her.”

It looks like part of the healing process includes watching the show back. “Alright. I’m ready to dive into the season,” Taylor tweeted on Oct. 1. 

Taylor and Joseph addressed Daniel’s blow-up

One of the most dramatic moments of the season was when Daniel Durston yelled at Taylor in front of multiple cast members. Someone tweeted about being mad at the bystanders and lumped Joseph in there. Taylor and Joseph addressed this mistake.

“Joseph was in the bathroom far away from any confrontation. Literally walked out once everything was already done,” Taylor tweeted. 

“As Taylor said. I will not further address this situation as of now and have yet to watch it. However, I will make it clear that by the time I exit the bathroom and become aware of the tension in the house, the situation had deescalated,” Joseph replied.

Joseph and Taylor have continued to travel together after the premiere. Taylor posted a picture of them with their luggage saying they were headed to Reno City, Nevada, on Oct. 2.

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