‘Big Brother 24’: Julie Chen Moonves Isn’t Sure Taylor and Monte’s ‘Showmance’ Is Real

Big Brother 24 houseguests and Leftover allies Taylor Hale and Monte Taylor began the season as rivals but have since developed a connection that’s seemingly turning into a showmance. However, some fans, including host Julie Chen Moonves, aren’t convinced the two have a real romance.

Julie Chen Moonves isn’t sure if Taylor Hale and Monte Taylor’s ‘showmance’ is real

Following Michael Bruner’s dramatic exit during the second half of the Double Eviction, Monte Taylor became Head of Household. He and Taylor Hale got close during his reign, eventually making out in the HOH bed.

Although it seemed as though him backdooring her over Matt “Turner” might threaten their budding relationship, she trusted him, and they continued spending more time together. Even though Brittany Hoopes tried to flip the vote at the last second to save Alyssa Snider, HOH Monte broke the tiebreaker, eliminating Alyssa over his newfound romance.

Their connection surprised many people as Monte and Taylor hadn’t had the best relationship during the season. While some think they genuinely like each other, others, including host Julie Chen Moonves, aren’t convinced.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the longstanding presenter admitted the late romance “shocked” her. However, Moonves added that she isn’t sure if it’s a “true” showmance. The host didn’t elaborate, but it’s assumed that she thinks the two might be using each other for their end game or have gotten bored in the house.

Taylor cemented her spot in the final three of ‘Big Brother 24’

After Alyssa’s eviction, the final four faced off for the HOH competition, which Taylor won, her second of the season.

When asked who she should target, Moonves named Turner. She pointed out the former Leftover member hasn’t “shown any loyalty” and likely wouldn’t take her to the end.

Instead, the host noted that he is “Monte’s guy.” Additionally, the host pointed out that if she goes to the final three with Monte and Brittany, they are both picking her to sit next to in the end over each other.

However, if Turner stays, there’s a greater likelihood that he wins a final HOH rather than Brittany, and he’ll choose Monte over her.

Taylor might use showmance to convince Monte to vote her way

Taylor also seems to recognize this as she nominated Brittany and Turner for eviction. Whoever wins the Power of Veto holds the sole power to evict a houseguest.

If Brittany or Taylor wins POV, they’ll likely target Turner, considering him the biggest competitive threat. However, if Monte wins the Veto, he’ll probably evict Brittany instead.


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Even though Taylor wants him to get rid of Turner, Monte recognizes he has a better chance to make the final two seats with his Pound ally in the game.

The Delaware native knows that Brittany will take Taylor to the end over him. Will Taylor use their showmance in an attempt to convince Monte to keep Brittany over Turner? Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.