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Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves has responded to the Twitter backlash in support of Taylor Hale following Week 1. She admitted she finds it ‘surprising’ and called Twitter “hypocrites” for also giving into “mob mentality.”

Julie Chen Moonves finds Taylor Hale backlash ‘surprising’

During Week 1, many former Houseguests, fans, and celebrities spoke out about the perceived mistreatment of Taylor Hale by the other Big Brother 24 players through social media and called for CBS to release a statement.

While the network hasn’t officially said anything, it’s believed the producers spoke to the Houseguests about microaggressions and how their actions are perceived outside the house.

Host Julie Chen Moonves also touched on it during a recent interview with Following the conclusion of Week 1, the host admitted she found the backlash “surprising,” noting she doesn’t like how Twitter “has exploded in really jumping on someone.” She continued, noting she doesn’t think anyone can judge others.

While Moonves acknowledged the existence of everyday microaggressions, she also compared the BB house to a “pressure cooker.” The host explained that others say and do whatever to remain in the house, and they might not “always do it in a way that makes yourself look your best.” Moonves feels like “a lot” of what Taylor has experienced is “classic Big Brother trash talk” because the others might be “threatened.”

Moonves called Twitter’ hypocrites’ for also giving into ‘mob mentality’

She compared the show to “high school on steroids,” noting that not even Taylor probably realizes “how much jealousy there was” from the others. However, the host reminded the viewers to “take a pause” and “try not to judge,” as fans don’t honestly know the experience of competing in the house.

She also encouraged fans to “give someone a chance to change” if they recognize their actions and attempt to learn from them after exiting the competition. When asked about the “mob mentality building in the house” against Taylor, the host compared it to Twitter. “Aren’t you all being hypocrites?” she asked.

Moonves pointed out the similarities between the mob mentality created in the house to those who feel Taylor has been wronged and claimed that nominations bring many Houseguests to tears.

Even so, Moonves admitted she “feels for Taylor,” especially after the Power of Veto Ceremony, where then-head of Household Daniel Durston told her that she rubbed others the wrong way. “It hurts, and I have sympathy for her. I have sympathy for everyone in that house. It’s not easy,” she closed.

Taylor was saved during ‘Big Brother 24’ Week 1 when Paloma Agular quit

Big Brother 24 Houseguest Paloma Agular didn’t see eye to eye with Taylor upon the first night in the house, deeming her as not a “girls’ girl” because the Michigan-based pageant queen initially tried to form a connection with the guys.

Therefore, she created an alliance with all female Houseguests besides Nicole Layog and Taylor, with the latter set as their target.

‘Big Brother 24’: Fans Are Accusing Daniel Durston of Making a Racially Charged Comment

When a conversation between Taylor and Monte Taylor got around, which included Paloma expressing her concerns about the guy eventually running the house, she made sure Daniel found out about it.

Believing he had the support of the house behind him, Daniel backdoored her. However, Paloma’s exit from the competition saved Taylor as it resulted in no one else leaving the house that night. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.