‘Big Brother 24’ Julie Chen Moonves Says She’s ‘Rooting’ for Kyle and Alyssa’s Relationship

Big Brother 24 Houseguests Alyssa Snider and Kyle Capener have seemingly made their showmance official after initially resisting. Host Julie Chen Moonves weighed in on the season’s first couple, noting she’s “rooting” for them to last outside the house.

Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider formed a showmance during ‘Big Brother 24’

During Week 2 of Big Brother 24, many Live Feed viewers thought they saw the beginning of a possible showmance between Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider.

He approached her in a bedroom and emotionally expressed his gratitude for their friendship, admitting he feared not making any connections and getting voted out first.

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The Utah native called her “the sweetest girl I’ve ever met,” and they hugged before talking about hanging outside the house following the competition.

After the conversation, Alyssa also began showing interest in Kyle, but he claimed he didn’t want to get into a showmance, believing it would cost him the game. She attempted to hook up with him, but he resisted until they kissed in Week 4. The pair have since seemingly made their showmance official as they’ve also cuddled in bed.

Julie Chen Moonves is ‘rooting’ for Kyle and Alyssa’s relationship

Following the August 4 live eviction episode, host Julie Chen Moonves spoke to Entertainment Weekly, where she acknowledged the season’s first couple.

When asked if she thought the duo “sabotaged” their game by giving into their feelings, the presenter admitted she “didn’t think so.” Moonves pointed out that Alyssa and Kyle are both “very unassuming” and popular in their respective alliances, which she believes protects them.

The host also called them the “hot comp beast physical threat couple” and noted she’s “rooting for their relationship to last outside the house.” Kyle is a part of the majority alliance, The Leftovers (Monte Taylor, Matt “Turner,” Talor Hale, Joseph Abdin, Michael Bruner, and Brittany Hoopes), and recently had to lie to Alyssa about their intentions to backdoor her closest ally, Ameerah Jones.

Following the eviction, she was upset with Kyle, admitting she didn’t know if she could truly trust him. Even though Alyssa has given him information, which ultimately led to Ameerah’s blindside, he hasn’t had game talk with her. Regardless, The Leftover members have talked about getting Alyssa out sooner than later so Kyle can focus on the competition.

Kyle and Alyssa were involved in the same alliance

Alyssa quickly teamed up with another Backstage member Paloma Aguilar to form the season’s first final two. They also created an all-girl alliance (Ameerah Jones, Jasmine Davis, Indy Santos, and Brittany) with the female players except for Nicole Layog and Taylor Hale, who they didn’t consider a “girl’s girl.”

Wanting more protection, Paloma, Alyssa, and Ameerah teamed up with Michael Bruner, Monte Taylor, and Kyle to create a six-person group. After Paloma self-evicted during the first week, the group replaced her with Nicole Layog.

Additionally, Kyle was involved in an all-boys alliance and other small groups. However, most of the alliances are now defunct, and Kyle seems mostly loyal to The Leftovers, with closest ties to Michael, Brittany, and his final two partner Turner.

On the other hand, Alyssa doesn’t have any solidified alliances. She’s currently most loyal to Festie Bestie Indy Santos and Jasmine Davis, who’s also on the outs. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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