‘Big Brother 24’: Julie Chen Moonves ‘Surprised’ by the Jurors’ Reaction to Kyle’s Admission

The Big Brother 24 jury got upset with Kyle Capener when he revealed the “unfavorable comments” that ended his game. Host Julie Chen Moonves admitted their reaction “surprised” her, pointing out they were more upset than the houseguests still playing.

‘Big Brother 24’ jury had a strong reaction to Kyle Capener

During the double eviction episode, viewers checked in with the jury, currently composed of Jasmine Davis, Indy Santos, and Joseph Abdin.

The latter wanted Kyle Capener to follow him through the doors, believing it meant his alliance got revenge. Even though he got his wish, Kyle had to reveal his exit came about due to “unfavorable comments” he made about race.

As the group watched the events that led to his eviction, the Utah native admitted his assumptions about a diversity alliance. Jasmine denied it, noting she thought they had more in common, and Joseph insisted he only made promises to the Pound (Matt “Turner,” Monte Taylor, and Kyle) and the Leftovers, which extended to include Michael Bruner, Brittany Hoopes, and Taylor Hale.

Indy had the strongest reaction as she told Kyle to “educate” himself before storming off. While Joseph and Brittany felt Kyle was wrong, they also pointed out Michael and Brittany’s timing in releasing the information, referring to it as “convenient.”

Julie Chen Moonves ‘surprised’ by jury reaction

Following the episode, which ended with Terrance Higgins and Michael joining the jury, host Julie Chen Moonves spoke about the jury’s emotional reaction to Kyle’s admission with Entertainment Weekly.

She admitted she was a “little surprised” by how upset Jasmine, Indy, and Joseph were, pointing out they went harder on him than the current houseguests who dealt with it while competing.

Moonves added that Kyle had the advantage of telling them first, allowing him to “control” the narrative, yet still caught more heat from the jurors than the players who first learned of the situation through Michael.

Regardless, the longstanding host pointed out that Indy, Jasmine, and Joseph appear open to supporting the Utah native “and his journey to learn and change.” Now that Michael has entered the jury house, the jurors will have a chance to hear his perspective on the situation and get answers for his timing. 

Moonves has called Michael Bruner’s timing ‘questionable’

After figuring out that Kyle flipped on them during the Split House twist, Michael and Brittany revealed his pitch to team up against the non-white houseguests, assuming they formed a secret alliance similar to the Cookout, to the other players.

It successfully flipped the house against him, including the Head of Household and his final two partner Matt “Turner,” who backdoored him, leading to his eviction.


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Following the exit, Terrance questioned Michael’s motives in sharing the information and threatened to poison the jury against him. Even though Michael and Brittany have insisted they had nothing to gain by exposing Kyle, many fans have found their timing suspicious.

Moonves has agreed, calling it “questionable” as the two wondered if they should use the information for “leverage.” Even though Brittany suggested they wait until after the Power of Veto, which Michael won, the two moved forward with their plan. The host admitted she felt he benefited from sharing the information, pointing out “he had little to lose and a lot to gain” at the time. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.