‘Big Brother 24’: Julie Chen Moonves on Terrance and Michael Sprinting out the House: ‘Bye, Felicia!’

Big Brother 24 houseguests Terrance Higgins and Michael Bruner both left the house without saying goodbye or giving anyone hugs. Host Julie Chen Moonves reacted to such exits, referring to them as “real.”

Michael Bruner and Terrance Higgins left ‘Big Brother 24’ without giving hugs

Terrance Higgins was unanimously evicted from the house during the first half of the double eviction. He got up and walked out without hugging anyone, noting he had to pull “a Daniel,” referring to Daniel Durston, who also left without saying goodbye to the other houseguests.

The remaining six players noted they loved Terrance anyway as the Chicago-based DJ walked out of the house. Matt “Turner” won Head of Household during the second half of the double eviction and nominated Brittany Hoopes and Alyssa Snider.

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When Monte Taylor secured the Power of Veto, it opened the door for a backdoor plan, and Turner took it, replacing Alyssa with frontrunner Michael Bruner.

It worked as the competitive threat was unanimously evicted. After the votes were in, he asked the others to remain seated before running out of the door without looking back.

Julie Chen Moonves thinks exits without hugs are ‘real’

Following the double eviction, host Julie Chen Moonves talked with Entertainment Weekly about the packed episode. When asked her thoughts about houseguests who exit the house without saying anything to anyone, the presenter admitted she respects it, calling it “real.”

She continued, “it’s like, ‘OK, you don’t want me here? Then bye, Felicia!’” Moonves revealed that she prefers reactions like that over fake ones in which the evicted houseguests hug those who just voted to send them out of the door, possibly lying or stabbing them in the back in the process.

While the host encouraged future houseguests to “keep it real,” she also pointed out that they need a certain amount of time to set up chairs for the eviction interview.

Other players who have left the house without giving hugs include last season’s Claire Rehfuss, season 22’s David Alexander and Kevin Campbell, season 20’s Rachel Swindler, and season 19’s Alex Ow, Jason Dent, and Cody Nickson. 

Brittany Hoopes is the house target for ‘Big Brother 24’ Week 10

Following Terrance and Michael’s exit, Brittany is the next house target. Last week, she created several final pacts, only to leak them shortly later.

The other four houseguests have gotten weary of Brittany and don’t trust her, making her a likely nominee if she doesn’t win Head of Household.

If she does become HOH, she’ll probably go after Turner out of revenge for Michael, or Monte, the next biggest threat to win the game. In that event that anyone else wins HOH, Brittany will have to win the Power of Veto to save herself.

If the HOH is Monte, his target probably shifts to Alyssa as he has a closer working relationship with Taylor and Turner. Alyssa would likely target Turner or Monte, and Taylor would presumably go after Turner. How will Week 10 shake out? Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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