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Big Brother 24 Houseguest Michael Bruner has won five competitions during the season’s first five weeks. However, host Julie Chen Moonves thinks he still isn’t a target.

Julie Chen Moonves doesn’t necessarily think Michael Bruner is a threat despite wins

By the end of Big Brother 24 Week 5, Daniel Durston was evicted in an 8-1 vote. During his exit speech, the Las Vegas-based performer called out Michael Bruner’s five competition victories, pointing out he would likely win the game unless the other Houseguests took him out.

Daniel also referred to everyone else as “bozos” and claimed the season would get boring when they evicted him. Host Julie Chen Moonves reacted to his speech and his comments about Michael after the episode aired in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

She claimed she enjoyed the fact that he told the other Houseguests how he felt about them “to their face” but admitted he “might have a point” for right now. She pointed out that while a big common target no longer exists in the house, another “will emerge” in the coming weeks. After five weeks, Michael has won four Power of Veto competitions and a Head of Household.

Although the host acknowledges the possibility of Michael becoming a target due to his victories, she thinks his “quiet and calm demeanor” keeps him floating under the radar. Additionally, Moonves noted that Monte Taylor seems to be emerging as a physical threat, which she attributes to his size. However, she does believe Michael’s threat level will rise if he continues to win, noting, “they will wise up soon and see he’s the one to beat.”

Michael saved himself from becoming the first Houseguest voted out of ‘Big Brother 24’

Daniel won the first HOH competition and instantly recognized Michael as a threat due to his admitted status as a superfan. Therefore, he nominated the Minnesota-based lawyer for eviction.

Sensing he was the real target, Michael fought hard for the Power of Veto and won, saving himself from becoming the first Houseguest evicted. He won it again during Week 2 and debated using it on his new ally, Taylor Hale.

However, Michael chose to keep the nominations the same as the others planned to blindside Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli, who volunteered himself as a pawn.

The Festie Bestie twist began in Week 3, and Michael partnered with close ally Brittany Hoopes. Turner nominated the pair with a backdoor plan in case, and Michael and Brittany won, pulling themselves on the block and making room for actual target, Ameerah Jones.

Michael will probably break ‘Big Brother’ records for competition wins

During this week, the duo teamed up with Monte Taylor, Matt “Turner,” Joseph Abdin, Kyle Capener, and Taylor to create a fan-favorite alliance, The Leftovers.

After not getting picked to play for Veto in Week 4, Michael won the next competition, Head of Household, keeping his group in power. Attempting to hide they were working together and wanting to make sure they played for Veto, Michael nominated Festie Bestie trio Terrance Higgins, Joseph, and Monte.


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The attorney pulled out his fourth POV win during OTEV and removed the group from the block to backdoor Daniel.

As he rubbed many Houseguests the wrong way, he was evicted in an 8-1 vote. So far, Michael has won every Veto he has competed in and is looking to break franchise records. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.