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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 24 Week 6 Power of Veto results.]

Big Brother 24 Houseguests Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider began their showmance around Week 4 after hitting it off early in the competition. They have since made it official, with Kyle asking Alyssa to be his girlfriend.

Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider nearly ended their showmance

During Big Brother 24 Week 6, Head of Household Taylor Hale nominated Terrance Higgins and Indy Santos, initially without a clear plan.

However, Alyssa Snider emerged as a target for The Leftovers (Kyle Capener, Monte Taylor, Matt “Turner,” Joseph Abdin, Brittany Hoopes, Michael Bruner, and Taylor), and the group planned to backdoor her with the Power of Veto.

Kyle won the Veto but refused to use it, knowing his love interest would get nominated. The couple also “went all the way,” further complicated things as it brought up feelings while trying to play a game. They later talked about their current situation, and Kyle admitted he wasn’t sure what to do because he wanted to spend time with her.

However, he knows that doing so isn’t the best for his game, especially as he hasn’t told her about his involvement with The Leftovers. The Utah native continued, pointing out that as numbers dwindle, the two will stand out as a “duo.”

Kyle asked Alyssa to be his girlfriend

While Alyssa said she understood his perspective, she admitted she felt he isn’t “consistent,” adding, “it’s just a lot for my heart to handle.”

When he asked for clarification, she explained he told her he cared about her, resulting in her opening up to him. However, according to Alyssa, he switches and claims they should remain friends and explore a relationship after the season.

Kyle answered he didn’t know how to respond, and Alyssa admitted she felt that he had “power” over her. The TikTok personality explained that he hasn’t played the game for the past couple of weeks and thinks he’s missing out on solidifying other relationships in the house. “There needs to be a balance,” he said.

However, he admitted that “it’s like the game is gone” when they kiss. Kyle then told Alyssa that he would wait for after the season concluded, adding he considers her “as close to a girlfriend as I can think.” When Alyssa answered she didn’t want that, Kyle went a step further and asked her to become his girlfriend, to which she agreed.

Alyssa and Kyle have been in a showmance since Week 4

Live Feed viewers noticed sparks between Kyle and Alyssa during Week 2 when he expressed his gratitude for their friendship, calling her the “sweetest girl I’ve ever met.”

Following the conversation, Alyssa made her interest in Kyle apparent, but he didn’t want to get into a showmance, realizing it would hurt his game. However, he used their flirting relationship to his advantage during Week 3 when she exposed the Girls’ Girls alliance, ultimately leading to Ameerah Jones’ eviction.


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Their relationship hit a bump when he didn’t tell her about the blindside, but they quickly got over it and established their relationship the following week.

After the August 4 episode, host Julie Chen Moonves acknowledged the first showmance of the season, noting she didn’t think their relationship threatened their games at the time as they’re both “very unassuming” and popular in their respective alliances. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.